Taking on Challenges and Finding Success

Henry Ford at twenty-five-years old in 1888.
Image via Wikipedia

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  ~Henry Ford

When we take on a challenge, we may have some uphill climbs and some fast downhill slides, but if we keep at it we will find success.  This is called Persistence!  Persistence is what we must have when we take on new challenges and realize that we are slowly making headway, but it may not be as quickly as we had hoped but we don’t give up.

In business, the average small business start-up doesn’t actually start making a profit until they have been in business 5 years.  This is the make or break year.  The reasons are many, but if a business can make it past that 5th year mark then they have learned what it takes to not only make a profit, but also to save on their expenses.

We have just seen the challenge of our country trying to stop a terrorist who took out 3,000 plus lives on 9/11.  This Challenge to stop Osama Bin Laden took us 10 years, and it was a significant sacrifice to our country but it ended with success.

We have experienced much loss from this man’s evil, but our country has also witnessed neighbors helping each other in times of crisis while we met these challenges.  We have many challenges ahead as a country and as people and we must not give up on any of them, because it is persistence that will  help us find success.

Our Navy Seals who went into that compound knew that they could carry out their mission, and they kept on until they accomplished their goal.  Each of us must train daily for our own missions, and continue to reach for our goals.


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