Germany to Go Nuke Free in 2022!

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Just in, Germany has announced they will go nuke free after the nuclear disaster in Japan, they have reassessed the potential for disaster in their country and will abandon nuclear energy by 2022.

Yea for Germany for looking at the potential and understanding that there are other ways to give for their country.  Geothermal, solar, and wind to name a few.  The nuclear power head in Brussels says it is pure politics to cut nuclear power.  I for one think it is a move in the right direction.  Japan is a teaching all of us that nuclear power is not safe and that it has dire consequences.

This move will create new industries for new energy and I welcome the change and hope that the United States gets on the bandwagon.  We need to look at alternative sources of power, and be creative when it comes to utilizing our natural resources.

Tornadoes Remind Us Mother Nature Has Control

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Image via Wikipedia Storm Shelters Have been Installed next to homes in Oklahoma City

Tornadoes are skipping across the Midwest again and taking more lives than have been taken since the 1950′s.  With the advance warning systems we have now compared to the 1950′s you would wonder why there have been so many deaths?

Most are attributing it to the force of the tornadoes.  They are bigger and wider and have more impact than ever before in the history of record keeping.  Is this the result of global warming?  Some say yes, and some experts differ, saying this weather pattern happens and it is a freak of nature.

Whatever the cause, it is very clear that we have no control when Mother Nature takes over.  The only way to survive is to get under ground.  Growing up in Oklahoma, I can remember running to the storm shelter in our neighborhood that one of our neighbors had.  It was accepted that all of us would be allowed in and that we would all be welcomed as we huddled together as the storms roared overhead.

Fortunately for us, most went over us, and did not touch down in our neighborhood, but we were ready.  When the sirens went off, we ran to the storm shelter.  I don’t know why some people don’t realize that running for shelter is what is still needed?  Tornadoes always win. Humans seldom win unless they are in safe rooms and are below ground. Tornadoes have force and should never be questioned.

Sometimes an inner closet is safe, but when you are in the presence of a F5 or F6 tornado, you will be the one swept away if you are not below ground.  My parents knew this when we were growing up, and when you live in “tornado alley” you know what to do.

My heart goes out to those recently affected by the deadly twisters affecting my home state, Oklahoma  as well as Missouri and all those throughout the South.  So many have lost their loved ones and their homes.

No Change in Casey Anthony Behavior After Daughter Goes Missing??

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Yesterday, many of Casey Anthony‘s friends and former boyfriends testified in court that they saw no change in her behavior during the month that Caylee was missing.  Considering the new Defense theory that Caylee drowned how could a “loving mother” go on with her life as if nothing had happened?

This is the crux of the problem for the Defense.  They would have us believe that just because Casey was “molested” she had no feelings for her daughter even after she was “dead”?  No rational person who loses someone they love is not going to have a grieving process and show some sort of loss if a child dies.  Many people have been molested and continue on with their lives and have relationships with their children and experience loss and grief.

To say that she was taught to “carry on in spite of the pain” doesn’t cut it when it comes to normal feelings for the  loss of a child.  To hear her friends and her former boyfriends say that Casey told them Caylee was with a nanny at Universal Studios and that she was paying her $400 a week, when she had no job should have brought up questions in their minds.

These were Casey’s lies to herself and to everyone else.  An habitual liar soon believes what he or she  says and can pass polygraph tests because to the person, it is not a lie, it is the truth. Of course in Psychological fields they have another name for these people, but I will wait to hear this stated in court by the ones who have administered those tests to see if I’m correct.

How does a young woman with no job pay a nanny?  Why does a young woman with no job need a nanny?  These questions just haunt me when it comes to her friends.  If I had a friend who suddenly didn’t have her daughter with her, I would be very concerned, and want to know the truth about the child’s welfare.  But perhaps I belong to another era in life where people actually cared about children.

When I grew up, everyone on my street knew if we got in trouble and they would tell our parents.  Now people just watch teenagers sitting on the curb smoking and don’t tell the parents.  Even though teens are not allowed to even buy cigarettes until the age of 18 or 21 in certain states, people sit back and watch and don’t get involved.  Maybe if Casey Anthony’s “friends and boyfriends” became more involved in what happened to that precious little girl, we would still have her with us.

Once again, I don’t believe that someone can lose a child who they truly love and go out and party every night for 30 days and not show any grief.  Now if that person has no feelings or remorse for anyone except themselves, then this can happen.  In court, Casey has only cried for herself when the murder charges are read against her.  She has only cried for herself that she is in jail.  She would sit in jail and lie to her parents that Casey was going to come home as if it was rolling off her back, when she knew the child was dead.

The defense would have us believe that the 911 call was a made-up lie to cover-up the drowning.  That these two loving grandparents allowed their precious grandchild to be tossed into the woods in a trash sack.  I’m not buying it.  This is the furthest stretch of the imagination for any of us.

Casey Anthony Bomb Shell Defense Released Yesterday

We suspected that Casey Anthony was going to use an accidental defense, but we didn’t expect that her attorney would weave such a spectacular story that could win the grand prize for top lies.  In  his opening statement, Jose Baez said that Casey Anthony’s father, George knew that his granddaughter had died and that he disposed of the body with meter reader Roy Kronk.  Spin, spin, spin, because he doesn’t have any real defense.

Yesterday was all about planting doubt in the jury’s mind about what might have happened.  What Jose Baez did for all of us was remove doubt that he was a real attorney.  When forensic evidence comes out in this case, they will have no room to crawl out from behind that defense table, so he comes out with this huge story, that only a Hollywood screenwriter could write, or Casey can dream up.

Poor George Anthony had to sit there and hear that he molested his daughter from age 8 and that he taught her to lie and that his son was just as guilty and that they are responsible for her not telling the truth about what happened to Caylee.  Give me a Break!!!

How ridiculous can we get on this?  Duct Tape around the little girl’s mouth and nose has no evidence to drowning in the family pool, and if this story of the defense were to be believed, why the duct tape?  This fabricated story has no relationship to the facts of the case and the jury will see right through it.  What a waste of the tax payers money and time.  This attorney has seen a golden goose, and he is going after it for all it is worth, but the proof is in the pudding and he doesn’t have any proof to convince the jury that his client is innocent of murder.

All the defense did yesterday, was spin a story, so elaborate that it was inconceivable to reality.  I wonder if they had a test jury and tried this story on them?  If I were those parents, I would not put another dime into the Casey’s jail account, and I would not write her another letter.  She has thrown the family under the bus to save her hide and be dame with the consequences.

Casey Anthony Trial Starts Today, What Will The Defense Reveal in Opening Statement?

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Last minute defense moves in this case have everyone wondering what the Casey Anthony defense team will say with opening statements.  Speculation is that they will try to plead it was an accident and Casey got so wound up in her lie, she didn’t know how to get out.  If this is the case, then her Defense Team should have taken a plea years ago and stopped the insanity of a trial and expert witnesses.

This case is one of the worst cases in our justice system, and it is because of the innocence of the victim, it is not because of any people feeling sorry for her mother.  As the months have passed in this case, we have learned that Casey was searching the internet for making chloroform and breaking of necks.  Searching for these two items, sounds like Casey had malicious intent in her heart to harm someone.

Did she overdose her daughter with chloroform and then not know what to do?  Wrapping tape around the child’s head and over her mouth and nose would have suffocated her if she was alive when that happened.  Would someone do this if a child had already died? 

This type of case would be anyone’s nightmare and having to sit through all of this forensic evidence from the experts will be difficult, knowing a precious child lost her life.  Whatever happens today and in weeks to come, I think we will be surprised at the actions of a mother who didn’t protect her daughter, but who may have taken her life, allegedly.

I feel for her grandparents and her uncle who must now hear things about the death of their granddaughter and niece, that no one should have to ever hear.  It will be interesting if we see a mental health defense  comes up for this case.

This is only the beginning, this trial will be one to go down in history.

These are terrible things to imagine, much less to have to be on the jury of this trial.  My heart goes out to all the jurors and their families, because this case will undoubtedly change their lives.

No End of the World, Must Continue to Work on This World

If you missed it, the world did not end on May 21 at 6 p.m. as the founder of Family Radio had predicted.  We are all still here and earthquakes in all time zones around the earth did not happen.  So now what happens to those who wanted to believe?

I hope they realize that many have tried to predict the  end of times, over the past centuries, and all have been wrong.  Many will be disillusioned with their leader that he was wrong, but it is not the first time that man has been wrong.  I was talking to a friend the other day and said if all of this talk about the end of the world made people nicer to one another and helped to create peace, then it was worth it.

Creating a world with less violence on television and in the movies, would be a start to creating a more peaceful society. Reality shows that show people fighting and screaming at one another is not a show that is teaching our young people how to solve problems.  Working through an issue is the only way to create growth and peace.

So the world did not end, and most  of us are still here with the exception of 90 plus people who lost their lives in a tornado in Joplin, Missouri last night, we must learn to work together on this world and with each other to have a peaceful planet.

7 Criminal Charges Filed Against Former IMF Chief, He Gets Bail!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief, was granted bail after he posted $1 million in cash and $5 million surety bond and gave up his passport and traveling papers to live in a Manhattan apartment with his wife under electronic monitoring and 24 hour guard, according to many news outlets.

Most normal people with 7 criminal sexual charges against them this serious might not get bail, but because there was no previous past criminal history, this guy was granted bail yesterday and will leave jail today.  We can blame the system in France for not helping the women there who were alleged to have been assaulted by this man there.

This guy has to stay with his wife in an apartment under guard while the evidence mounts.  I have a feeling that the evidence will continue to pile up here and in France.  I wouldn’t be surprised if maids from other countries come forward and file complaints.  Of course filing after the fact with a man who is this rich, will of course be looked at with trepidation. 

Women who are abused sexually need the protection of their employer when something like this happens and they need to know when they report a guest, they will not be fired.  The Sofitel Hotel did everything correct so far, and I applaud them for helping their employee.  She will need counseling as she tries to put her life back to together and I hope the Hotel will be there for her and give employee assistance for her. 

Some states have victim rights programs that also give counseling sessions when someone is a victim of a crime.  Whatever program, I just hope she gets the help she will need, for herself and for her children.

IMF Chief Resigns, Concentrate on His Defense

International Monetary Fund Managing Director ...

Image via Wikipedia International Monetary Fund Managing Director ..Dominique Strauss-Kahn .

For those of my readers who read my post about the IMF Chief , Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the other day, I  said the IMF should remove him as Chief and let him concentrate on his own legal problems, and that has now happened.

CNN is reporting that: “He said he was stepping down to “protect this institution which I have served with honor and devotion, and especially — especially — I want to devote all my strength, all my time and all my energy to proving my innocence.”

I predicted it here and it has now happened. So as we are continuing to monitor him, it will be even more interesting to watch how many more lawsuits will be filed in France for his alleged abuse there.  Many reports have surfaced from attorneys in France that many women have contacted them over the Years and that the IMF knew about his problems.

He is now trying to have electronic monitoring at a home in Manhattan and post $1 million dollars bail and will give up his Passport so he can not leave the country.  He is a father of four and has been married a long time according to CNN.  Good for him, another clever sexual molester who has roamed the world to do what he can while he has so much power.  I wonder how many women will come out and how long his long-suffering wife will continue their marriage?

Will be interesting to watch in the coming months about what actually happens to this man.

Looking for Character Among Political Leaders?? It is Missing From Many!

Newt Gingrich

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In the last few days, we have seen Newt Gingrich announce his race for President, Donald Trump say  he isn’t running, Mike Huckabee  bow out from running, and Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he fathered a child with a staffer in his household.

Wow, what a week!  Newt I expected and Huckabee surprised me, I thought he was going to run, but I knew Donald Trump was all hype.  The stunner was Schwarzenegger and his wife splitting after 25 years, but after he publicly acknowledged that he had an affair and now has a 10 year-old child from that affair, it all made sense.

Marie Shriver is a strong woman, and she has resources, and Schwarzenegger used her resources to get him elected the whole time lying to her, to the voters and to his children.  Is there any character among political Leaders?  I think it is very hard to  find, just as I wrote yesterday about “Absolute Power corrupting Absolutely”, Arnold may have believed his own hype.

Newt Gingrich brings his own past to the political arena, with his infidelities and divorce while he was in Congress.

I know these men are human, but it seems some have no character when it comes to vows they take.  One caller to Dr. Drew’s Pinsky’s show on HLN  last night said it, if they will cheat on the closest most loved asset, their wife and children, what will they do with the public’s money and trust?

Good question, and I think we saw the character of Schwarzenegger while he was running for Governor, and many women who had been on set with him, came out and said he had been sexually aggressive with them.  But Maria defended him, saying we didn’t know the real Arnold.  Guess what Maria, you didn’t either.  It’s not her fault, men who are cunning and deceitful know how to trick many people.

When they get caught into the corner, most lying men can’t get out, and Arnold got himself in that corner.  Is his career gone?  I don’t think it matters, there are children to worry about who have also been deceived and now find out they have a half-brother who is 10 years-old.

Wedding  vows don’t mean much anymore, oaths of office don’t mean anything, and lying and cheating appear rampant among our Political Leaders.  Using their positions to help their friends, like Arnold did when he reduced the sentence of the son of one of the legislators in Sacramento who had been sentenced to a long jail term due to the beating death of a college man. 

I thought Mike Huckabee had character and had some good ideals to help the country, but it looks like he is out.  I’m still looking for that “Change” Obama promised.  Many of my friends have lost their homes, their jobs, their lives as they knew them, due to the recession. 

 Yes we have experienced “Change” not in a good way, but will character come back to politics?  It would be nice to see someone who has the mid-west backbone of this country at his heart and moved us into a country that produces more than we import and creates jobs for Americans. Let’s look at creating true character in our men and young men so they can become the next political leaders for our country.

Sexual Assualt by Head of IMF, Has the World Watching!

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF, jailed yesterday for the alleged sexual assault of a 37 year-old female maid at the Sofitel hotel in New York City.  Before the day was out, other allegations of assault were coming forward from France where charges were not filed against Strauss-Kahn. 

 This man was in New York on private business, so he is not claiming diplomatic immunity.  Experts say that in a violent crime such as this, diplomatic immunity would not protect him in the U.S.

It sure begs the question if he has done this before, if he used diplomatic immunity in France to keep his tail out of jail.  This man wields a lot of power as head of the IMF, but remember the old saying,”Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!”

He may be a person who has been corrupted by absolute power as the head of the IMF.  With the thought that he can do whatever he wants, he may have thought, I can do it in the U.S. and  get on the plane and off to France.

However, he left his cell phone according to published reports and called back to the hotel and asked them to deliver it.  Two uniformed police officers did deliver it with an arrest warrant.  Now the cell phone may have diplomatic immunity if it belongs to IMF.  Wouldn’t you like to belong to a powerful entity like the IMF and have your cell phone have diplomatic immunity? 

If these charges are true and if the alleged incidents in France earlier are true, then it does seem that when someone feels they have no consequences their abuse mounts and they get bolder in what power they will exert over someone.  Having such power should bring understanding and grace, but we have seen this over and over where this is not what happens, and it brings down the person and many others.

Abusing others for one’s own gain will always result in the loss of the corrupt person’s power eventually.  Hollywood will have field day with this one. 

 I can see a “Law & Order SVU” case coming to the future ripped from the headlines with this case.  It is made for TV drama, it is also the result of too much given with no checks and balances to keep power in check. 

 When no one oversees the accountability of someone over others, the person in power will abuse that power.  The IMF Board may be open to lawsuits by the alleged women this man has harmed.  I wonder how many bonus checks the head of the IMF received over the years.  Without proper accountability, the Board may have given up their rights to protect themselves. 

 This is like a boss who creates a hostile workplace and his supervisors know what he does, but they take no steps to correct his behavior.  In the meantime, people keep quitting, because of the boss’s abuse, but his superiors take no steps, because he gives different reason why they left.

 Unless proper investigation is done to see why someone is having high turn-over, his supervisors will never discover the real problem.  I’m not an attorney, but I would not want to be in the IMF Board’s place or in someone’s place where they ignored a problem hoping it would go away, but then the problem grew out of control, until no one could bring it back under control.

The IMF Board may have not exercised their power over the head of the IMF to protect others.  The Board will be accountable if they knew about his sexual proclivities and did nothing to stop him, in my opinion.  These type of lawsuits could go on for years.  If I were the IMF Board, I would name someone else to run the organization, and move this man out of the Head of the IMF.  At least then, the IMF can continue to do business and let Strauss-Kahn worry about his own legal matters.