Royal Wedding is Over, Now on to Real Stuff! The Tornado Disasters!

Flag of the Red Cross
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As the Royal Wedding was happening yesterday, and over 2 Billion people watched, many people were still coping with the Real Stuff like life.  Tornadoes in the South have taken over 330 lives and more are feared dead.  It is now the worst natural disaster since Katrina.  President Obama toured it and said he had never seen anything like it.

Seeing the devastation of a Tornado is unlike anything you will ever see in your life.  Once you see it, you never forget it.  I remember the boats going through houses from 20 miles away and canoes stuck in trees. Photos from 50 miles away located and put into an on-line photo album to help survivors put their memories together in Oklahoma. 

Tornadoes have not stopped to ask questions about whether you grew up on the right side of town, they take out the town.  The tornadoes take out whole schools, and city halls, fire departments and the ability to respond to your communities needs.  The Red Cross and Salvation Army will come and they will be the ones to aid the communities left in the wake of the disasters along with FEMA.

The Red Cross will issue vouchers for housing and food so people can sleep and eat in safety, if there are hotels to be found.  Now is the time to give to these two wonderful charities, because they will be the two into the middle of the disaster feeding the workers and going street by street handing out sandwiches and water to the workers.

Unless you have witnessed the Red Cross and the Salvation Army in a disaster, you do not know how great both of these two non-profits can be.  Do not forget these wonderful groups.  They are motivating volunteers from around the country to come into the disaster zone right now to be there and work to help the people affected.  I saw them during the Big One in May 1999, and I saw them after the Oklahoma City bombing.  If I had a lot of money, I would divide it between these two groups, because they really come to the front during a disaster.


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  1. gypsy says:

    ms. gilstrap – great post and very timely – you are so right – shall we get on with “real” issues such as those you mention! one of my daughters was a red cross volunteer for many years and i know them to be one of the best, too –

    have just come across your blog via underthelobsterscope and found your name more than a little interesting – i am a gilstrap, as well – perhaps we are even related? –

    you might enjoy visiting my [several] blogs – other than gypsywomanworld, which has a lot of my poetry, “words unspoken” is a collection of my own poetry “from the heart” so to speak and “the yaya tree” is my family tree blog, very much still a work in progress –

    so nice coming across your great blog – have a great day – jenean c gilstrap

    1. We are definately cousins. I have many of the same links in my family geneology tree, but of course, you have done an excellent job on your YaYa tree. Thank you for stopping by and I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog. I did not know about the other link underthelobsterscope until you told me. I have had several thousand views since I started in November. I have been writing all of my life personally and professionally. We should stay in touch.

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