Is Reality TV Teaching Teens Wrong Social Manners?

First let me say, I do not watch very much reality TV.   Deadliest Catch is one of my favorites because those guys risk their lives in the Alaskan waters to catch fish and crab to feed us.  I love watching the interaction of the boat captains with their crew and I do like Celebrity Apprentice because it is about business and difficult tasks with celebrities. 

But that’s it for me, I do not watch anything on MTV like the Teen Mom series, or the Bravo series with the Real Housewives, or that Jersey Shore program because many of these shows do not show good programming for our children.  Fighting by adults, drinking and cussing and pulling of hair and rolling around on the floor doesn’t do anything in the real world of bringing home a paycheck.

Last night on Dr. Drew Pinsky on HLN network, they discussed if many of these reality shows are teaching Teens how to be violent and insensitive to each other?  Wow what a bomb shell, when you consider that a lot of reality is scripted.  Yes it is scripted by the producers it doesn’t just happen in front of the cameras, they are told to stage some of what is shown.

Now yes, some of it does get out of hand, and some of the shows have cast people with mental issues that should never have been on the shows to begin with, and the shows have booted these people off or canceled the show.  But teens don’t know the difference.  Teens are getting the message that this is the way to behave with each other and be cruel to one another.

We are seeing more teen suicides then ever before in our history, and there must be a cause for this.  Violence is up among teens and bullying is up from teens against each other. 

When I was growing up, television shows taught moral lessons, they did not show people beating up on each other and falling down drunk and getting arrested and then being rewarded millions of dollars for it with a book deal.  We did not reward bad behavior, we had consequences for bad behavior.

Just look at Lindsey Lohan who is back on the streets after spending a few hours in jail and starting her community service while she appeals her sentence. Then there she is on late night TV saying yes, I’m going to star in a movie, Why???  She is still facing jail, and why would a producer want to wait for her while she may serve time in jail???

There are other brilliant actresses in Hollywood who do not have as many problems as Lindsey and they could use the work.  Many are waiting on tables in Toluca Lake and Burbank waiting for their big break, hoping for that audition.

Yes it does seem that our society is teaching teens wrong messages, and we do need to change these behaviors, but when are we going to do it, and how?


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    1. I appreciate your link back to my post on this topic. I liked your discussion as well.

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