The LA Dodgers & The Fans

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The LA Dodgers have been taken over by the Baseball Commissioner and a new manager has been appointed from Texas.  Frank McCourt is on his way to New York to plead his case that he has just cut a deal with Fox News for several years that will allow him to meet his salary. 

Just if you haven’t been following this situation, McCourt the current owner, had to borrow $30 million to make the team payroll. Not a good deal, and one that tipped the Baseball Commissioner’s hand that there was trouble in Dodger Town.

  Of course if you don’t live in LA, we have watched the McCourt Divorce Saga play out on the nightly news.  The once golden couple of baseball are in dispute about who owns the Dodgers and it is in contention in their divorce and a small piece of paper that was not put together correctly during one of the couple’s negotiations.

But it is the LA Dodgers and the fans who are losing and this was one of the greatest teams in baseball.  My brothers and I used to collect Dodger baseball cards for all the greats when we were growing up, and one of my first experiences when I visited LA was going to a Dodger game. 

 But all the glitter has been lost over the last several years with rumors of fights and unsafe conditions at the park.  With the recent beating of a San Francisco Giants Fan on Opening Day, it was the last blow for Dodger fans , the LAPD and the Baseball Commissioner.

McCourt had reduced uniformed LAPD officers and put in security officers in blue t-shirts and for some reason, he thought fans were going to be more accepting of blue t-shirts and not uniformed officers.  I want to know I’m safe, I like to see an officer in uniform it gives an air of authority, something that was sorely needed at Dodger stadium. 

Attendance started falling at the games, and the Dodgers couldn’t even give tickets away.  I remember Dodge salespeople calling around and even making appearances in people’s offices offering free tickets just to come out to the games.  That didn’t entice any of us to go, because security was not good.  Perception is 90 percent reality and the Perception was that Dodger stadium was not safe, so McCourt didn’t get the message until this year on opening day.

I hope that a new owner can be found for the Dodgers and if it is the fans then so be it.  But we must keep the public area safe for families to attend again and make it a fun place to go once again.


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