Japan Army Going In to Recover Victims – Fundraisers Going on For The People!

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Wearing special hazard suits, the Japanese Army is now going into the area surrounding the Nuclear Power Plant to retrieve victims from the Earthquake and tsunami. 

 I can’t imagine this task, looking for bodies under all the debris.  There is danger just going into the area for any length of time, due to possible radiation and disease from what is there in the wreckage.

With all the sharp debris around, these suits could be damaged easily and then the man inside is exposed to whatever has bred in the area.  After the tsunami in Southeast Asia, doctors reported that many people died from infections from the exposure to the sea water to wounds and the bacteria in the water.

Of course this job must be done, but it is not one that doesn’t have risks for anyone doing it.  The family members who could leave Japan have done so and gone to be with relatives in other countries.

Let us all hope that Japan can recover after this terrible crisis.  The nuclear accident not withstanding the other tragedies, Japan has had enough and it is time for their recovery.

People all over Los Angeles are doing fund-raisers for the Japanese people.  I think the human spirit of giving back to each other is one of the finest examples of humanity. 

One of the local Hispanic groups is having a mixer at a hotel and the entrance fee is being donated to the fundraiser.  How clever is that?  A local Cuban bakery which has three locations donated profits of over $12,000 to  help the Japanese people.

We might not be able to help the Japanese Army find the victims, but we can help them rebuild their lives and new housing for their people.  “There but for the Grace of God, go I”, that was one of my mother’s favorite sayings when she wanted to remind us that each of us could be walking in their shoes but it was the Grace of God that put us in a different place on that day.

By joining together and thinking of ways to raise money for the Japanese people, we might lessen our own burdens for a little while.


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