Smithsonian Gift Shops Don’t Sell Made In America Items?

Aerial view of the National Museum of American...
Image via Wikipedia National Museum of Natural History

Yes, that’s right our National Museum in Washington D. C. sells items depicting our American presidents with the stamp, “Made in China” on the bottom.  How does that make you feel as millions of Americans are out of work in this country?

The National Museum of American History with miniature statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and American toy soldiers have stamped on the bottom, “Made in China”, this is in Today’s Los Angeles Times in The Nation section and reported on by Julie Mianecki.  

However this  is not the first time this has been brought up to the American Public.  ABC did a series a few months back on made in America and this same problem was raised then.

 Rep. Nick J. Rahall Ii (D. W. Va.) has introduced a bill that would require all Smithsonian’s 30 stores to sell items made in the USA.  I say Yea, what a novel way to put Americans back to work, and requiring the museum to buy items from American manufacturers, or they will lose Federal funding.

So the Smithsonian is balking and saying some items are not manufactured in the USA anymore, well that might create a new business if we all knew that there was someone who needed a product, then one could be created if a ready market was there.  That is the fundamental basic need of business.

I think anyone who receives Federal money should buy American and use only American verified workers.  No one who receives Federal dollars for any project should be able to  put anyone who is not eligible to work in the USA on the payroll. 

 This would put many Americans back to work and cut many illegals who have taken jobs away from Americans on payrolls that receive Federal dollars.   Yes there is a program called E-verify that many employers are supposed to use, but for some reason, when the Obama Administration was asked to carry out this, they have not signed on all the way.  Importing foreign goods, just like foreign workers hurts our economy.  We need to put the heat to our Congressmen and demand that more jobs are created for eligible Americans and verified workers  who are here legally.


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