Lindsey Lohan Swinging Jail Door In and Out Again!-“Absent Mindedness Complex Disorder” Defense

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Just in case you missed it yesterday, Lindsey Lohan was found that she violated her probation and the  judge said she commited a misdemeanor
offense for stealing the necklace from the store after she kept it for 10 days.

Somehow the rest of us would  have been found committing a major offense, but for poor Lindsey, it is “scattered brains”.

Okay, her attorney, called it ” absent mindedness”,  I am calling it “scattered brains”.   It is a new defense just in case you didn’t know that one, so write it down, so if you find yourself in court for something, you can recommend that one to your attorney, I’m sorry, your honor, I was having a Lindsey, you know, “scattered brains day” or  better yet “Absent Mindedness Complex Disorder!”

I love it that she was sentenced to jail and was out again the same day after just a few hours because she is appealing the judge’s ruling’s. Yes that is another trick that we are all learning her in Los Angeles, if you don’t like what the judge rules, just appeal it immediately, and pay the bail and you don’t have to go to jail for another few months.

This is quite the lesson is “Rich Justice” in Los Angeles.  If you have the money and can afford the bail, this is how you play the game of justice.  So, the Swinging Jail Door of In and Out Again is very funny for most of us and we watch this show, and only in Los Angeles could this be played out. 

I only hope that young women and young men are not taking any cues from this “Rich Justice Game” that Lindsey is playing, because very few of us can afford this and it will stay on your record forever.

One  network news station even reported again that Lindsey is still up for playing the daughter of reported mobster John Gotti.  Actually, another celebrity network said that was off the table due to Linsey’s legal troubles.  How can anyone plan anything with her when they don’t know whether she will be spending a year in jail.  She was already replaced on another movie for a porn star, that she was going to play, and this is all due to her troubles.

Lindsey Lohan has brought all of this on herself with her drug and alcohol problems and now her “Scattered Brains” or “Absent Mindness” problem.  I really think late night talk show hosts are going to have a field day with that defense. “I can’t come into work today, I am having “Scattered Brains”  or “Absent Mindedness Complex Disoder”, not sure where my brains are so until I find them, won’t be in.” 

Now really, would your hire someone if you knew they had “Absent Mindness Complex?”  We could add that one to the DSM Diagnostic Manual for Pscychiatric Disorders, filed under Linsey Lohan.  But if it is a temporary syndrome, such as in Lindsey’s case, then I guess it only lasted 10 days, when she discovered the police were going to search her house for the necklace.  Then the case of her “AMC Disorder” was shocked out of her system back to reality.

We can all thank Lindsey for a new excuse to use for calling out from work! 

 (The Absent Mindedness Complex Disorder does not exist, this is my own opinion, and it is a satire, not meant to be taken seriously.  We have all seen how Attorney’s create defense situations for their clients, some work and some don’t.  I think Lindsey’s Attorney is brilliant and she has my respect, but sometimes when you look at situations from the outside you can see the humor in it.)


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