Earth Day- Recycle Today- Give your E-Waste to Proper Recycle Location

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As a lifetime Girl Scout, I have always been aware of my beautiful Mother Earth.  Just driving through Griffith Park in Los Angeles, I am renewed and taken away from the hustle of the cars and the fast pace.  It is a like  a mini-vacation to drive through the park and not take Interstate 5 when I come home from the Los Feliz area.  I enjoy watching the children and the parents play with their sons and daughters.  It renews my hope in the world.

We all must Recycle Today on Earth Day and move out those old Computer Monitors, LapTops, scanners, printers etc and take them to the proper recycle place in our community.  Check with your local Chamber, there are Green Spot Drop Off locations throughout your community. 

In some situations, you can download a logsheet and choose charitable proceeds to a charity from your E-waste that you are dropping off.  Recycle, Renew, and Reuse.  It seems simple, but if we all don’t start watching what we put into the trash, we will not have beautiful parks to play in or clean air to breath.

We can now recycle ink cartridges from printers, and old cell phones. Operation Gratitude which sends care packages to our troops recycles old cell phones, and they have information on their website.  Yes, there are many charities that can use our old things again.  Take your old clothes to a donation center for Goodwill which works with those who might have disabilities and need job training.

I have cleaned out my old E-waste this last month, and old cable wires can be recycled too.  Just found some old phones at my office that I will be taking today.  Keeping these things out of the landfills will be good for all of us and it will be good for our natural resources by reusing the materials in the E-waste that we are recycling today. 

 Don’t know if any of you watch that TV show, Hoarding, but it is scary when you realize that some people hold on to too much in their lives, that are things, not people.  With as fast as technology is changing today, many things are out-of-date after a few years. Do your Spring Cleaning and get those old Computers out of those closets and get those files off from them that you want, and then wash them clean from all files and Recycle them to a proper place.  In many cities, Goodwill will take E-Waste, but call ahead and make sure yours will, because not all communities are set-up the same.

Don’t hold  your old E-Waste, Recycle it Today!  Hold on to your family members and enjoy them in our open parks and keep those place for your children and grandchildren to play.