BP Suing Everyone Associated With Rig in Gulf, Still Problems With Death & Sea Life in the Gulf

A beach after an oil spill.
Image via Wikipedia A Beach after an oil spill.

The news is reporting today that BP is suing the manufacturer of the value that exploded on the rig for $40 million dollars, and they are suing the company that made the rig.  Well good for them if these companies were at fault then they should be sued, but ultimately the responsibility for the spill will still rest with BP.

More networks yesterday reported that Gulf sea life is still dying in the Gulf as President Obama arrives in California on his new leg for campaigning for his new election.  Seems like a juxtaposition in life.  He is campaigning as if nothing is wrong while 1,000 dead specimens sit in a lab in the Gulf waiting for verification on what they died from? Did they die from the oil spill and remnants of what was pumped into the Gulf to break up the oil? 

You would think the President would want to know what is poisoning the Gulf? Maybe it is poisoning the fish, our food supply?  Before he runs off wanting to collect money from the big oil companies, he should know what is happening to a large segment of our population? Are our Gulf fishermen collecting what is owed them?  Does the President care?  Has he turned his back on this priority now that it is out of the spotlight?

I loved that there was a naked bicycle protest in front of BP headquarters yesterday.  We must keep the pressure on BP and on  Congress that our beautiful Gulf is not recovered and we should not turn our backs yet.  One year has not cleaned up this mess.  The Air Horns blaring to keep the birds out of the marshes is not the solution to the oily mess still there!!

BP needs to be held accountable and to clean up this mess! Mr. President and Congress look at the nightly news and see the dead sea life that is washing up on what was our beautiful Gulf.  Know that if you, Mr. President and Congress continue turning your backs on Deep Water Drilling this will repeat itself over and over and we will not have clean oceans.

Mother Nature can not clean up the mess that we are creating.  This is Earth Week and we must take care of our Earth, this is our home!


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