Sexting and Teens Not a Good Combination!

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Sexting has been in the news lately with a national NFL Quarterback showing his private parts over his phone.  Now we hear that teens are doing this and it has heavy consequences.  Teen suicide is the outcome in one case reported yesterday on the Today Show on NBC. 

Dr. Drew Pinsky on HLN last night devoted half of his show to the problem and what happens is that teenagers don’t understand that when they send that picture of themselves to that boyfriend who was pressuring them for that naked shot, that it will soon be sent all over the school.  This is what happened to one girl, who took her life.

The problem with teenagers is they don’t think, they act and they are impulsive.  They don’t realize this picture is going to haunt them tomorrow and show up on their teacher’s phones and everyone in their school.  They are just trying to fit in and be accepted by the boy or girl who they like.  This photo can haunt them forever and be their downfall.

What a terrible tragedy for the parents of this girl that she should have this photo of herself spread all over the school and she didn’t think she had a way out except to take her own life.  We must talk to our children, or have their older brothers or sisters talk to them to help them understand that these photos go everywhere and are there forever.

Phones and teenagers carry responsibilities and parents need to wake up and realize when they buy a phone for their son or daughter, they need to explain what the rules are in their house and what the consequences are if this happens.  Teens can not handle these problems alone, they need help and they need guidance.  Our society is changing and they need parental help.  Don’t abandon your teens with a phone.  Check their phone and make sure this is not happening.


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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    With sexting becoming so common in this day and age, perhaps we should educate kids from young about the dangers and consequences of sexting when they get their first mobile phones or even their laptops. They need to know that sexting is not a game and it can make them become possible targets not just for bullying but also to sex predators.

    1. I completly agree with you. We must educate our children that laptops and phones come with responsibilities and dangers. Thank you for your insight.

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