Could Take 6 to 9 Months to Shut Reactors Down in Japan

Various Japanese people From left to right of ...
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Japan this weekend announced that it could be another six to nine months before they have the reactors shut down and sealed off completely.  Does this sound like it can be done for all the Japanese living close to the reactors?  They have expanded the evacuation zone, and uprooted thousands more, and the company was ordered to pay those residents for their loss as well.

I heard one man saying he couldn’t find housing in Tokyo and that he would have to go back if he could not find housing.  Going back is not an option anymore, and I don’t think the Japanese who have been displaced understand that concept.  Especially with this latest news.

The quakes continue to shake Japan and this must be terrible for all of people living there.  They are in a constant state of fear.  If they have the resources, some are leaving the island for other places to lives, but not everyone has the resources to move.

Having been in a few earthquakes myself, I can tell you that you are on edge with the shaking, and you do want them to stop, and eventually they do.  But to put the nuclear disaster on top of the flooding and the earthquake, this must have a terrible psychological toll on the Japanese people. Let us all pray that this ends soon for this wonderful country.


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