Catherine Zeta Jones Goes Public With Mental Health Hospitalization

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This week the great Catherine Zeta Jones went public that she needed help with a mental health diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder.  Yea!  Patty Duke went public with this disorder many years ago and Hollywood didn’t burn down, and yes she still works and she is a great actress. 

Sometimes it takes great people to help the rest of the country to understand that these disorders affect millions, and they are not something to be afraid of for the public.  The more we understand about mental health the better.  I think HLN  network putting Dr.Drew on is another step in the right direction.  He is bringing topics to the front of our society that we need to be discussed and understood.

Dr. Drew himself revealed that he had a depression problem when he was in college.  It is not the end of the world and he sought help then and again when one of his children underwent brain surgery.  There are times in everyone’s lives that things can seem overwhelming and talking with a counselor can help sort out issues so they don’t take over.

Many companies have special programs to help employees do just what is needed when grief or loss can take over and they need to seek help.  Bravo to Catherine Zeta Jones for stepping up and allowing the world to know that it isn’t the dark ages and yes we all need help from time to time.

Having worked in the Mental Health industry I know that people just need that lift that counselors can give them or psychiatrists when medication is required.  Yes sometimes, medication is needed to bring a balance back into a person’s life when their chemistry is off-balance like when Bipolar Disorder is involved.  This is no different from when someone’s blood sugar is out of control with diabetes and they need insulin injections. 

Let’s hope that more people will now seek treatment for the mental health issues that might be plaguing them, so they can live a more beneficial life.  Lashing out at loved ones or co-workers is not a good environment for anyone, but getting help and creating a joyful environment can be the result of positive mental health treatment.


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    1. Thanks for the ping back. I so agree that people need to get the right information and understanding when it comes to mental health issues.

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