Britian Looking At Changing Discriminatory Royal Succession Laws?

Prince Charles and Prince William
Image via Wikipedia

If you have kept up with the Royal Wedding news, then you know that Prince William is going to marry Kate later this month. But did you realize that the Brit’s succession laws to the throne are discriminatory against women?

Yes, if you are the first born son, you automatically ascend to the throne! Not if you are the first born daughter, such as in Princess Ann’s case. Too bad, so sad as my brothers used to chant when we were children.  But now the Brits are actually looking at their centuries old laws and determining that yes they may be a “bit” discriminatory.

Of course for modern society, I think the King and Queen thing if a little old fashion, but the Brits can have them if they want them.  If they help their society, then all the best for the country.  My ancestors, at least half from my father’s side hail from old England, but we separated ourselves during the Revolutionary war and the good old King took our land ,left with their father ,when he died , that several sons    refused to renounce the “colonies” when they learned of their father’s death.

I understand from family historians, that there are tribute’s to some great old “Gilstrap’s” in an English town who donated the family home to become a library.  With that said, I should have some twinge for the Brits I guess, but my family is here as we fought for the colonies. 

With modern society edging toward equality for women and men and all races and cultures, I would hope that the discrimination in the succession laws would be wiped out soon.  I know my ancestors would have wanted it that way, they did come to this country for freedoms.


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