State of the City For Los Angeles Means Tighting the Belt!

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the Thomas Jefferson High School auditorium to hear the Mayor of Los Angeles,  Antonio Villaraigosa give his state of the city address for Los Angeles.  It was a tightly secure situation with lots of dignitaries and many reporters and a few of us who had special invitations.  The Mayor spent much of his time showing how Thomas Jefferson had improved its testing scores and how they had taken back the school from gangs. 

The Mayor continued to say how Los Angeles had improved its crime statistics and now had the lowest homicide rate in 30 years.  Much of this credit goes  to the former Police Chief, Bratton who recently retired and now Chief Charlie Beck who is continuing his policies.  Then the Mayor said he had heard Angelenos and he would fix the 300,000 pot holes that are across the city this next year.  I think I hit each one of them as I drove to Thomas Jefferson High School yesterday afternoon.

Of course, the Mayor takes credit for turning the school system around because he walked into Thomas Jefferson High School when it was on Lock Down and Police were walking the halls in riot gear and he vowed to clean up the school.  I’m not saying that he shouldn’t take some credit, but Principal Taft and all the wonderful teachers there and the school board backed up the Mayor’s programs.  He did acknowledge them as well yesterday.

The Mayor then cited Turn On The Lights at the City Parks and how it has helped take back the neighborhoods and cut gang activity and put families back into the parks and put kids playing into the parks at night and not on the streets.  This indeed sounds like a wonderful program.  He said they had served something like 300,000 meals.  That is impressive.

The Mayor is vowing to cut his budget by 11 percent to help cut the City budget and make it work these next several years as we make through a Billion dollar deficit.  Let’s all hope that he can do it.  With the upbeat tone of his speech yesterday, I want to believe that we can carry out all that we set our hearts and minds to do.


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