Japan Debris Heading Toward Hawaii and California

Level B/Type 2 suit. SCBA is outside suit
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Last night on the news they announced the debris field is headed toward Hawaii and California from the Japan disasters.  Now it isn’t arriving next week or next month, but it could arrive in two years. Of course Hawaii can look forward to it arriving sooner.

No one said how large it is but they are tracking it from Space.  Now that’s very reassuring.  This huge debris field is filled with what? cars, boats, logs, bodies? It could have everything in it that washed out to see with the Tsunami.  I don’t imagine it has anything in it that you would want to get close to unless you are wearing a hazmat suit.

Just something else to watch for in the next few years. Surfers beware! Fishermen beware!  This huge island of debris could pollute the ocean with all kinds of things.  Maybe I don’t want eat any fish any more!!


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  1. Jared says:

    Is the North Pacific Current actually able to move a car from Japan to Hawaii in two years?

    I wonder how much of the debris will be filtered out by the plastic trash continent we’ve created in the North Pacific.

    1. Jared,
      I’m not sure how currents work, but the people who I quoted feel this is possible. It is amazing to me as well. I feel it shows all of us how inter- connected we are.

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