Dodgers Increase Security at Dodger Stadium

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In case you haven’t heard, the Dodger’s owner and LAPD have decided to increase security at Dodger Stadium after the beating of a Giant’s fan on opening day.  The fan is in a medically induced coma and may have suffered brain damage.

There is a $150,000 reward for the two men who attacked the father of two for no clear reason other than he was wearing Giants gear.

Now on Craig’s list some Giant’s Fans are calling for retaliation against a Dodger fan when the Dodger’s go up to the Giant’s stadium? Really?

It was two thugs who beat up this wonderful family man here in Los Angeles and police and eye-witness believe the two men may have been drunk when they attacked the man.

But to post “murder to a Dodger Fan” on Craig’s list, is unbelievable.  What is our society coming to?

Many of us in Los Angeles know that a certain percentage of people who attend the Dodger’s games have Gang affiliations and the two men who beat this man might have had Gang ties, but to encourage more violence is stupid.

When the beating first happened, the Dodgers said they had adequate security, but the outrage that arose on Twitter and in the press said otherwise.

Then Frank McCourt, announced he was bringing in more security and Chief Beck with LAPD announced increased police presence at the games.

Now the Dodgers are rethinking their beer sales and beer promotions.  It’s about time, because many believe that the men who attacked the fan, and father of two, were drunk so yes, it would seem rethinking beer sales is a good idea.

The fan who was attacked, Brian Stow is a paramedic in San Francisco, a man who had devoted his life to saving others.  He would not want others to take the lives of others to retaliate for what happened to him.  Attacking others who did not do the crime is wrong.

We must intensive our efforts to cut the gang elements who attend the games, and stop the abuse of alcohol at the games, but committing more violence is not the solution.

These are games of sport that many children watch.  Let’s remember that we must teach good behavior to our children.


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