Children Losing in Budget Battles, Band Lost

The California State Capitol building in Sacra...
Image via Wikipedia The California State Capitol building in Sacramento

Last night I attended a Town Meeting for Assembly Member Michael Feuer at the Sportsmens Lodge Conference Center in Studio City.

First the room was packed with parents and students from Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood who are facing the loss of two teachers from their music program next year due to the budget battles at LAUSD and Sacramento.

The students  entertained as the Assembly Member’s plane was delayed.  They were members of the Jazz Band and they were wonderful musicians.

Walter Reed Middle School received a Bravo Award for their Music program and in the same week received the two pick slips for their teachers.  An excellent program cut.

Listening to them, I couldn’t help but think back on my daughter’s band career in Oklahoma from middle school to high school and how much she enjoyed it.  The Band trips she took ,the joy in winning at competitions or the sadness if they lost.

Some budget administrators have decided that music must be cut from school programs to save the other programs at the school, but it is a known fact that music helps students with many elements of math.  My own daughter has a capability in math that far exceeds most students due to her band background.

Watching the devotion of these children last night, I wanted to march to Sacramento and pull those legislators aside and tell them that they must balance the budget, and stop taking from our students.  These children are our future for our country, our cities and our communities that they are shaping now.

This is not a political game, this is life and these children are the ones who are going to suffer.  They will not know the joys of band trips in high school, because two of their teachers have already received Pink Slips.  These children’s math scores will not be as high because they are being robbed from music.

How many potential engineers and scientists were in that packed room last night? How many  potential doctors and lawyers were in that room last night?

Those parents and grandparents  who were in that room last night are watching a way of life leave their communities and it isn’t right that our children are paying the price.


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