Washington May Shut Down, But Congress Keeps Their Pay?

Unofficial seal of the United States Congress
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The Budget is not settled and our government is threatened with shutting down and people going without their paycheck except Congress will keep getting paid?  Did I read that right!

Our military men will have to fight without pay, our social security checks to retired people may stop, but congress who stalled the budget has worked this so they can still earn their money!  Something is rotten in Washington!!!

According to Foreign Policy, Congress has set up their own rules under the shut-down, and they can still get paid under the shut-down.   Joseph Rogin states ” Congress has its own shutdown planning and set of guidelines,” a senior administration official told reporters on a Wednesday conference call about the potential shutdown. The legislative branch is subject to the shutdown but is able to set its own rules on who gets to keep working, who gets paid, and who gets retroactively reimbursed.”

The report goes on stating that our military men will get retro pay but without interest.  So we are in the middle of 3 wars and yet we are not going to be able to pay our men, how great is that?

Does anyone feel like going to Washington and giving them all the boot?  What is this all about?  I know we are in debt, we gave so much money to save the big boys on Wall Street who now are raking the little people over the coals to make money, so why should we all be angry about this?

Your mom and dad might not get their social security check and might not be able to pay the rent.  Your disabled brother might not be able to pay his bills, but Congress keeps right on ticking.

Yes I think it is time for all of us to pick up the phone and call our Senators and Representatives and give them a piece of our minds.  Why should all of us suffer, while they keep their pay?  They should suffer right along with the rest of us.  There is no incentive on their part to end this thing early if they still have money.

If the country is going to suffer, then we all should suffer together, not congress having money while the rest of us watch our friends and parents suffer without.


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