Radioactive Water Leak Stopped in Japan For Now?

Rock Pool. An Ocean pool in Sydney, New South ...
Image via Wikipedia Rock Pool, an Ocean Pool in Sydney

Reports this morning out of Japan are that the Radioactive Water leak has stopped. But officials from the Tokyo Electric Company are cautious and do not want anyone to get too excited, because they don’t see water gushing into the ocean.

It could start again from another part of the plant.  Plug one hole and another could start so they are very cautious.  Oh and that Radioactive Water dumped into the Ocean, don’t worry it is like 100 million swimming pools being dumped into the ocean and with the tides and currents it will dissipate in 8 days.  Okay, but during that 8 days what happens?

Oh yeah the fish and the rest of the sea life are contaminated with Radioactive waste.  So we can’t eat any of those fish, so now we must test all fish from Japan to make sure it wasn’t swimming through those 100 million swimming pools of Radioactive Waste in the Ocean.

Japan you make me laugh!  Now you are telling the rest of the countries surrounding you that you are sorry and you should have told them the real story sooner.  Really??

Korea and their people might like to know that their fish might be contaminated.  Perhaps their vegetables and milk might not be safe to eat in Korea, but Japan was keeping their cool.  I guess this is a PR nightmare for everyone, but I think I would have warned my neighbors to be careful what they eat!


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