Tons of Radiation Leaking into Sea in Japan

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Over the weekend, the news was worse than we had thought from the nuclear reactors.  It seems the radiation leaking into the sea is 10 times the rate originally thought and measured in tons of waste leaking into the ocean water.

What is this doing to the ocean water?  How far does this radiation go?  The inspectors in Los Angeles are inspecting fish that comes from Japan for radiation, but are they inspecting every fish?

I am not sure that any fish coming from Japan is safe to eat with what we are hearing now.  They have a crack in the cement housing the reactor somewhere and the iodine radiation is leaking into the ocean water.

This reminds me of a bad Science Fiction movie of the 1950’s where large sea creatures rose from the ocean and took over the world. Remember those? We all watched them growing up and we knew they were not true, but now with this leaking, you wonder how safe our oceans will be?

Mutations of fish is not my worry but cancer among humans is a worry and knowing how to handle our exposure to these fish is another quandary.


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