Pastor Burns Quran, 20 UN Workers Die As A Result?

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Yesterday, the reports started flowing in across the internet of UN Workers being attacked and killed in Afghanistan because of the hatred brought on by the Pastor in Florida burning a Quran in Florida.  Why?

A world apart in philosophies and in distance, and yet twenty people who were on a mission of help to a country by the United Nations were killed. Fanatics on both sides of this issue are responsible for this happening.

I do not believe that any religion’s holy book should be burned by anyone.  Respect should be given on all sides to beliefs held by religions around the world, no one has the right to judge and condemn.  Certainly taking the lives of innocent people who did not commit the offense makes no sense to me.

Of course Terry Jones in Florida got what he wanted, that was publicity, but I doubt the UN workers even knew what was happening when they were attacked.

I do not feel that Terry Jones has a right to do what he did, but I also do not feel the people who attacked the workers had a right to kill them either.  The workers were innocent of doing any harm, their job was to help not to harm anyone.

May all service people around the world be safe after this crazy pastor of a “church” in Florida burned a holy book.  I am appalled at his lack of concern for our men and women in uniform or any American overseas trying to help in these times.  There is no justification for what was done in Florida or in Afghanistan!


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  1. Kurt says:

    Senseless, tragic loss of life all in the name of God.

  2. Susan Swope says:

    Michelle, I finally read your blog. You and I are in complete agreement on this.

    1. Susan,
      So nice of you to stop bye and read my blog. I am very involved in my community as well and believe that if we all help each other, we can be a better community.

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