Radiation in Milk in California & Washington -Minute Levels?

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Yesterday the news was that radiation from Japan was found in the milk supply in California and Washington State.  One farmer said it is in’t surprising because of the Jet Stream carrying the radiation to the U.S.

Japanese Plant workers acknowledged yesterday through family members that they did not expect to live but a few months due to the radiation levels they have been exposed to at the plant.

Yes folks the worst of our fears has happened, but authorities are saying it is minute traces and not to worry! You receive radiation daily in the air and from plants so go ahead and drink the milk.  I’m not a milk drinker anyway, so it’s okay with me to boycott milk, but milk is in many of our foods.

You see we live in a global community and what happens in one country does affect the rest of us.  Global warming is happening and all the developing countries must wake up and do something now, just as we are seeing from Japan.

We do not live isolated in our own country alone in the world, what we do affects others and what ships around the world and feeds the world can contaminate the world.  The tragedy of Japan must wake up the nations of the world to stop many of the toxic activities that we do and start now to clean up our planet.

I do hope the radiation is small for our sake, but what do the Japanese people do?  Their food supply is being spoiled for decades.  It is going into the ground water, how will they survive?

This is a wake-up call to all nations to look at what we all do, because it affects all of humanity.