Japan Earth Quake Unites The World

Women wearing kimonos in Tokyo, Japan [MAP]
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As Japan was hit with a terrible 8.9 earthquake yesterday, and Tsumani‘s hit, Hawaii braces for the waves, and the world unites over how fragile life is.

My heart goes to two young Japanese women who shared our lives for a month several years ago when my daughter was in highschool in Oklahoma.  They came for one month each to live with us and learn English at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Ok and to live with an American family.  Each of the young women taught us about Japan and their lives in their country.

One was from Tokyo and the other from Kyoto, and they were both college graduates who were in special programs to become more proficient in English.

I hope they and their families are safe today as my prayers go out to Japan and that this Earthquake and its full death toll will not be as high as is expected.

Many friends are in Hawaii as I have served in District leadership in Toastmasters and met many wonderful people in Hawaii and attended a regional training in Honolulu there about 5 years ago.

I pray that all of my friends and their families will be safe today as the Tsunami predicted to approach Hawaii does little or no damage to Hawaii.

We are all reminded when something happens in one part of the world it affects us all and we are one family united on this planet.


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