Warner Bros Fires Charlie Sheen, The Empire Strikes Back

Charlie Sheen Is Winning!
Image by 4rilla via Flickr

Well, Charlie the Empire of Warner Bros is firing back and you are out and they are laying down the lawsuit against you.  I would not want to be in your shoes right now.

I have not see your latest ranting on the internet, but I have seen snippets on the news and they do seem that you are getting a little wilder by the day.  This is really getting to be a shame that what was once a good actor has fallen into the joke of the town and now the talk of the news with this lawsuit from Warner Bros.

Most of us in Los Angeles, knew that Warner Bros was going to take action, it was just a matter of when.  Now that they have spoken, it is pretty much over except for the courtroom drama that might unfold in several months.

Seriously, Charlie get some help, you are making all of us uncomfortable and we don’t want to see you do harm to yourself any further.


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