Spring Is Here, Time To DeClutter and Help Someone Too!

Free dry cleaning for unemployed job interviews
Image by khawkins04 via Flickr

Yes, it is Spring and time to clean out your closets and give those clothes away to a great charity.  Those shoes that hurt your feet, might just fit someone else who is looking for a job and needs them for a job interview.

If you have things around your house that job seekers could use, look around in your community for special programs that are geared for those in need.

Business clothes, suits, blouses, dress shirts, ties, dress shoes, are all things that someone on unemployment might need. If you can, have them cleaned and pressed before you give them, so the charity won’t have to spend the money.

Many dry cleaners in my community are offering to help the unemployed with clothes that need to be dry cleaned for a job interview, but if this doesn’t exist in your area, do this for the charity.

We must all join together to help, and decluttering your closet and helping someone in need will make you feel great.


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    1. Thanks for the link. All the best.

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