Buy American, ABC Experiment Proves It is Cheaper

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Did you see that ABC conducted an experiment with a household of goods in Texas, I believe, and they took everything out that wasn’t from America and purchased everything made in America?

The interesting point was that most everything was cheaper if was made in America.  Of course it is and it is made better because there are no extra taxes to bring it into this country and you are keeping Americans working.

I think we all should support American goods.  What a novel concept if we passed a law that all cities had to buy goods made in America, imagine how many more Americans would be put back to work.  Lamps made in America, desks made in America, you name it, and it would be a revolution of making our economy great.

Now this is not a new concept, but one that we should all be trying to push for those 20 million Americans who are out of work.  We need to stimulate our economy and what better way than Buy American!


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