Charlie Sheen Loses Children From His Home

Many experts predicted that Charlie wasn’t all that his hype said he was, and I guess him shooting his mouth off, convinced a judge yesterday.

His, ex-wife Broke Mueller had a Temporary Restraining Order issued against him for her safety and had the children removed from his home last night.

Evidently Charlie had threatened to kill her by slitting her throat or cutting her head off according to media reports. Remember, she was the one he reportedly held a knife to her throat in Aspen a year ago at Christmas, and then pled down to a  lesser charger from a felony.

Charlie boosting of his drug use on several network television shows and showing women “goddess” taking care of his children convinced a judge to remove the children and put them in a safe place.

All I can say is that it took the court system long enough, and his ex-wife finally woke up to the fact that Charlie was not safe. It appears the networks are playing this out for the world to see instead of realizing that Charlie needs serious help.


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