Charlie Sheen and Publicist Part Ways

Martin Sheen, who provided the voice for the r...
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Charlie takes to the airways and does interviews that his publicist doesn’t even know about and starts making waves about suing everyone this morning, and before the day is over he and his publicist have gone their separate ways.

To make matters worse, Charlie even insults his father, Martin Sheen and tells him to stay out of his life.  Now Charlie, you might need your family and you will need friends, but the way you are going, you are doing everyone in.

This is called a downward spiral and Charlie is about to hit bottom.  Spencer Pratt said he would take the job as Publicist for free.  Oh good, the Blind leading the Blind.

Pretty soon, Charlie will be the butt of more jokes around town and there won’t be any work, just lawsuits for him to work his way around.


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    1. I’m not sure Charlie is Winning, but he certainly is declining fast! His wife just asked for a TRO and for deputies to remove their children from his home. Something is not working for Charlie.

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