New Publishing Venues Open Many Doors to Writers

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LA BookWoman Day was held yesterday in Marina Del Rey, and we had some outstanding experts on our panels.  We live-streamed the conference to many around the country, and we will have it available shortly on our Women’s National Book Association LA Chapter website for a  fee,

One of the most interesting realities that kept coming up yesterday is that authors now have choices, and many of them.  We are no longer restricted to one path to get our books out.

We can now choose an interactive path and develop a book with an app that has a means to help the reader interact with the author or with other readers.

Or we can choose self-publishing and make a higher rate of return on each book, for an investment up front, but with a proper marketing plan that includes social media many authors are finding great success.

Then there are digital formats for publishing books which is a brand new avenue for all writers with the IPad, Kindle, Nook and many smart phones utilizing digital books.

Of course utilizing the web for promotion is an area that authors are just now beginning to wake up and realize they need to have a presence on-line in Social Media, such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter. These are the major ones and there are others that are smaller niches, but our experts yesterday brought out these formats to focus on.

The one major message that everyone said, was that the author must have a marketing plan, and be ready to work hard on that plan.


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