Charlie Sheen Shoots His Mouth Off! 200 People Out of Work

Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting taken by...
Image via Wikipedia- Alex Jones

Well Charlie Sheen was at it again yesterday. This guy just can’t keep his mouth shut.   People had stepped in this past month and  tried to help him, to give him a chance and what does he do?

He calls up a radio station yesterday,  ‘The Alex Jones Show,’ and shoots his mouth off about the executive producer of his show, Chuck Lorre .

Now most people in LA know enough about the business  and will tell you that you don’t attack the hand that feeds you so to speak, but Charlie thinks he is bigger than… well anyone now.

So  CBS has announced the suspension of filming for the rest of the season.  Wow! Charlie Sheen has just put 200 fine people out of work.  Nice going Charlie, maybe you should pay their rent, food bills, child care and medical bills since you seem to know more than anyone how best to handle things.

Oh, yes, so where is Charlie? Somewhere seen boarding a plan surrounded by blondes to some resort.  Needless to say it doesn’t sound like Charlie’s home bound addiction treatment  program is working.

Charlie’s rant can be found all over the internet this morning.  I have an article below my post that goes into more detail.  This my be the end of this show and possibly Charlie Sheen’s career.  Publicly criticizing people who have made him rich seems arrogant, but then a lot of addictive people become that way under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Grandiose is another word that comes to mind when you listen to his rant. Claiming that the fans are “his people”.

Charlie, they aren’t your people, they are fans of a show that was created by hundreds of wonderfully talented writers, and gifted people who came together at the right time.

You were just one of the  spokes that made the wheel work.  Yes your spoke might have been brighter, but now that you broke the spoke, I don’t think anyone wants to replace it.


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