Lindsey Lohan May Go To Jail This Time?

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Poor Lindsey was in court yesterday again in Los Angeles for another hearing.  The prosecutors have actually offered her a plea deal,  and the judge from what I understand told her that she might go to jail if she pleads guilty. No get out of Jail Card this time.

Poor Lindsey Lohan was told that she needs to get her life in order and get away from people who do her harm and lead her back into addictive behavior.  Really?  The rest of us have watched her downward spiral and saying the same thing for months.  Now the Judge says it.

Maybe this time, Poor Lindsey will get it?  We can only hope that she listens while she sits in jail if she pleads to this charge.  She comes back to court in March and then we find out.  She has had a tough life, and I hope she does get with the right people who help her, she deserves it.


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