Protest Signs in Wisconsin – Are these Teachers?

I’m in agreement that we should demonstrate for rights if we feel they are being taken away.  It is a fundamental right of our country.

But the Protest signs that have appeared in Wisconsin are making me pause to say the least. Michelle Malkin’s comments and photos today make me wonder who is really protesting in Wisconsin.

The photos have references to Hitler for the Governor, and Nazi images to Nixon, and there doesn’t seem to be any civility in these signs.  Children are reported to be marching with their parents and they are seeing these signs.

These signs are appalling.  It makes me wonder if these are the hard-working teachers that I had met or if these are outsiders coming in to get publicity.

I thought after what happened in Arizona, we would see some of this hatred tone down, but from what Michelle has posted today, it doesn’t seem they have received the message.

Never, Never do I feel we should paint any of our political leaders like Hitler.  None of our leaders have done what he did and this is very wrong to link them to Hitler.  Come on people learn to spell and stay on subject.

Is the DNC behind the protests? That is another theory out there that the White House is somehow behind this to bust the Union bargaining power.  One story  on Fox hinted that they had the evidence.

I still think this protest started because the teachers wanted to stand up for their rights.  They wanted to be heard, but now I think others have moved in to use the media to their advantage.

Whatever happens in Wisconsin may just be the tip of the iceberg.  LAUSD is set to send out 4,000 notices of possible layoffs here in Los Angeles.  I ask again, what will the students do without enough teachers?  What will the teachers do to make a living?

What is happening in Wisconsin, may not stop there, so get ready, this may just move across the country.


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