Wisconsin Demonstrators Against Budget Cuts- Legislators Should Cut Their Salary First!

Right now demonstrators are filling the halls of the capitol in Wisconsin against budget cuts that will hurt teachers and other public services.  Have you heard of any legislators cutting their salaries?

Here in California, as we suffer under higher taxes, legislators have gone to new car dealerships and buying cars on our money, as “state cars”.  A state car is not a $40,000 plus hybrid brand new!

Our legislators in California want to cut the budgets for the those who have very little, such as the frail, sick and the elderly, but don’t touch our”state cars” or our”salaries”

Why the double standard!  If you want the taxpayer to live with hard times, then the legislators should live the same way.  Show us that you are on a budget too.  When the Los Angeles Times publishes stories about legislators buying new cars with my tax dollars, and I’m not driving a new car, I wonder who is using what for brains?

Come on legislators get it together.  You are one of the people, and you need to cut your salaries too.  We have all felt the pinch, now show us you are feeling the pinch.

This doesn’t just apply to states, this goes to Washington as well.  Misappropriations of our tax dollars can be found all over the country.  Congress hasn’t reduced their health care or their salaries yet?

Yes, these are not the best of times, but if we all work together, it can happen.


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