Has Hollywood Created Louts for Men? Or Is It Our Society?

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Today’s LA Times has an interesting article in the Calendar section entitled:  The attack of the louts- Meet the new male role model.  It’s a boy!, by Neal Gabler

As I was reading the article, it was clear that parts of the article  Gabler blames Hollywood for creating this “lout” reputation for men. I quote from the article” He’s a lout, from the English word for “an ill-mannered fellow,”  and the article points to the “The Hangover”, and “The Ugly Truth” as men portrayed as “beer guzzling, bud hanging, and women are objects as  they were viewed in the times of old.

The article continues to point out that there are popular radio hosts who are also making this “Lout climate” popular.

I’m not sure  it really is just Hollywood? The NFL has had its share of  football stars texting illicit photos to women employees. David Letterman admitted to sleeping with his  female staff.  I’m not sure if “Lout” now just applies to “beer guzzling young men”.  Let’s not forget politicians who have joined in with “texting photos ” of themselves this week and resigning.
In my opinion, “Lout” appears to apply to anyone acting  with ill-manners in our society.  This applies to  domestic abuse with Actors, Singers, NFL, NBA, and whatever other association that this has occurred with a featured star.

If our young men are hearing and seeing these images, and seeing men such as Charlie Sheen, being arrested for his wild escapades in hotels with porn stars, what type of  men are our young people really seeing? Sheen is in his late 40’s and he earns millions for his TV show which employs hundreds.

Now the article does point out that “The Hangover” and “The Ugly Truth” men do eventually find out that their behavior needs to change, but are young men seeing that in life?

I feel our young men  are not seeing the real consequences of these life style choices? Drinking beer and hanging with your “buds” with no real goals in life, doesn’t result in achieving any thing in life.

It appears that Hollywood needs to recreate the roles in movies for character inspired men who have goals and dreams for themselves and their families.  Producing good role models is needed more than ever in our society.

At least when we he had the movie “Jerry McGuire” we saw the character arc of the main character understand what was important in life, and it wasn’t just money.

We need to show more of the true heroes of our society assisting the poor, the homeless, the Special Olympics, or working with children’s hospitals.  It may not be a popular topic to illustrate these men in Hollywood movies, but we need to portray them.

The men who help coach Little League, and mentor children after school, or work with Big Brothers and the Boy Scouts, need to be remembered for those character inspired deeds.

Those are the men who are attractive to the confident women of today.  I do not know any women who are interested in beer guzzling, bud hanging men, with no goals.

Wake up America, it might be popular to portray” Louts” for men, but it is not the best for our young boys to see this or to emulate it.


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