Lindsey Lohan In The News Again – Felony Theft?

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Don’t say it, Round Three? Yes she’s back and this time for a Felony charge of possible Grand Theft.  Now all of this is suspected, no one has proven that Ms. Lohan really took the $2,500 necklace.

Today she is back in a court room by the LAX airport.  Last week I had a conference at the airport two days and fighting traffic going and coming is not my idea of comfort.  I’m glad I’m not fighting the press as thousands  of commuters will today.

This is so sad that she is back in the public eye and for another black eye.  Is this a call for help?  Does she need intervention?  It sure looks like she is running away from her handlers right into the arms of the law.

Maybe that is what Ms. Lohan needs, real discipline where people don’t allow her to drink and take drugs or party all night.  Who stop her from leaving so she doesn’t get into trouble. If this is charge is proven, and the other assault charge is also pressed from the worker at the Betty Ford Center, then Ms. Lohan may indeed go into jail and not walk past go.

She has used all of her get out jail free cards. Her parents have denied all of her addiction charges, but it looks like Ms. Lohan does indeed have some very deep and troubling issues.  She has played them out for all of us in front of the television cameras in Los Angeles.

Most of us are tired of her problems and just want her to get the help she needs.  She is too young to be having this much trouble.  Good parenting does make a difference!


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