School Bus Stop Signs Mean Stop! Not Go Around!

Image of a Thomas Saf-T-Liner HDX school bus.

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Coming home tonight, I observed three cars going around a bus which was stopped letting school children off.  The bus had its Stop Sign out at the back of the bus and yet cars were going around the bus and zipping past it.

There was a cross walk in the front of the bus, and there were children in the cross walk.  Many of the cars were racing through the cross walk after they zipped past the bus.

Now granted the light was green, so the cars could go through the light legally, but they were going around the bus to go through the light.

Per the California DMV: I stands for Infraction.



    22112(a) School bus driver shall activate amber warning light system 200 feet prior to stop. Driver shall deactivate amber system upon stop. Driver shall activate flashing red light system and stop signal arm when the bus is stopped for loading and unloading pupils.
    I 22112(b) School bus driver, stop to load or unload pupils only at designated school bus stops.
    I 22112(c) School bus driver, when required, ensure the flashing red signal system and stop signal arm are activated and it is safe to enter or exit the school bus.
    I 22112(d) Schoolbus driver, escort pupil with hand held stop sign, require all pupils to walk in front of bus, ensure all pupils and pedestrians are a safe distance from the bus before departing.
    I 22112(e) School bus driver, may not activate the amber warning light system at specified locations, except where pupils must cross the highway.
    I 22112(f) Activation of either the amber warning light system or the flashing red light system at a location determined by the CHP as necessary.


Drivers in and around Los Angeles need to remember that the Laws apply to everyone, and the fines are very steep. I’m sure that having the death of a child on your conscience would be worse than a fine anyway.