Move Over Law Begins Jan. 1st in More States

Brian, supervisor of the Durham crew talking a...
Image by Duke Energy via Flickr

Last January 2010 in California the Move Over Law went into effect, and this January it has moved into more states.  What is the Move Over Law?  It basically means if you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road or in a lane, you are to move over to the next lane, and if you can not, then slow down.

This law is to protect Firefighters, Highway Patrolman, Tow Truck drivers,  and Highway Workers who have often been hit by vehicles going too fast and not slowing down for an emergency.

Fines can be several hundred dollars and you risk the lives of those who are trying to give aid to someone in need of help by the emergency responders.

Do not think if you do not Move Over that you will get out of a ticket.  You may be cited down the road.  This law is a good law and one designed to protect the people that we all depend on in an emergency.

Remember, these responders are someone’s father, brother, sister, mother, daughter and they have children who expect them home.  Please protect them when you are driving.


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