2011 Post A Day Pledge!!!

Okay, I will try to do my best, sounds like the Girl Scout Promise, to post a day!

For those of you who have pledged to do this with me, may we all achieve our goal of writing and posting to our blogs 365 days this year.  Wait, this is the 4th day, of 2011, make that 361 days to go.  Yea!  I have made it for 4 days this year.

Last night, when I rushed home from work, had dinner, was enjoying catching up with my daughter, I realized I hadn’t posted. Oh, no, stop, hurry and post.

What to write? Didn’t take long to see a note about that pint-sized reality show person who starts fights with her cast members, gets drunk on the beach and is generally abusive in public.  She has a book coming out today.

That was my inspiration to let my old editorial writer come out and share my opinion on the  matter.  Not that anyone cares, except my writing friends, but I achieved my post-a-day.

WordPress here I come and hopefully, my friends will help me stay on track.


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