Realty TV Show Players are Not Writers, There Are Good Writers Out Here!

Tomorrow, a certain Reality Show star’s book comes out. Big Deal! I don’t watch that show, and I don’t care about her so-called book. She can’t put two sentences together sober, much less in proper English.

What upsets me is that a publisher actually paid her money for that terrible piece of something that they call a book, and yet, many wonderful writers can not get published or find an agent.  Pushing people, cussing in public and getting drunk and pretending you aren’t responsible for your actions is not what our society is about.

Many of us actually went to college and received degrees and  worked on our craft and learned how to construct a wonderful sentence to intrigue the reader. Good writers however that don’t have Reality Shows aren’t in high demand it seems.  Bad Manners are in demand for some reason with a certain percentage of our society namely the very young.

However, when this percentage of society needs a real job, they won’t be hired.  Guess why? Your attitude, your behavior in public and your illiterate ways.  If you can not write or speak in an intelligent way, who will want to hire you.

You think this Reality Thing is going to last? Guess again? It doesn’t. You won’t last and you will need an education. Pretending that you can write won’t pass with a real job.  I can’t wait for our society to swing back to realty and publish the Good Writers!!


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    1. Noel,
      Thank you for you thoughts!

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    1. James,
      Thank you for comments. Looking forward to more.

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