Resolutions & Bucket Lists Accomplish Yours! Want to Decorate a Rose Float?

Flowers used in a 2009 Rose Parade float, Pasa...
Image via Wikipedia Professional Built Float

Several years ago, many of us had never even heard of a bucket list until a certain movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson can along. You saw two men who were both terminally ill living each day and crossing off their lists of things they wanted to do before they died.  Are your Resolutions like your Bucket Lists?

Bucket Lists or wish lists can be on your Resolutions Lists or your 2011 Goals.  Now why would you want to put any of them there?  Because as you put them there, you visually create them in your mind.

One of my Bucket Lists was to help decorate a Rose Float in the Rose Parade.  The Parade happens every year on New Year’s Day and is seen all over the World.   Seems simple you say unless you grew up in the middle of the country in Oklahoma and only watched it on TV.

When I moved to Los Angeles over 8 years ago, the first day after Christmas and that week before New Year’s, I spent decorating the Burbank Rose Float.  It is one of only six self-built floats in the parade. That means it is built and designed by volunteers, not professionals like you see all the rest in the parade.

I made some wonderful new friends, so did my daughter and we discovered new talents we didn’t know we had.

I helped on the Burbank Float for several years, until my commitments with other volunteer activities took me other places.

Putting what you want to do in your life on your Resolutions list or your 2011 Goals List will help you reach closer to those goals.

For those of you who may have decorating a Rose Float on your Bucket List, many of the floats need volunteers  the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  But the self-built floats need help all year-long to build the frame, dry the flowers, separate the flowers, foam the frame, paint the frame etc.  It doesn’t all happen in one week.

Add those Bucket Lists to your Resolutions and your Goals Lists and print those lists where you can see them daily. Take steps daily to carry out your Bucket Lists.

Hike the Grand Canyon next Year? Write a Book? Anything is possible, but you need to plan and start the process now!


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