Donate To Your Local Food Bank in December!

Norfolk, Va. (Jan. 17, 2007) - Sailors assigne...
Image via Wikipedia{Information (Jan. 17, 2007) - Sailors assigned to amphibious transport dock USS Nashville (LPD 13) sort through food items at the South Eastern Hampton Roads Food Bank. The work being done by Nashv)

When I was a Senior Center Director in La Quinta, CA, many years ago, the center ran a Food Bank for local residents. Our local Rotary Club and other Service Clubs would give special items for Christmas.

Members of the Senior Center would give of their time to put food baskets together for needy families. My daughter, who was four & five during this time, would go with me to take the Food Baskets to the needy families in our community.

My daughter thought these were the best Christmas presents we could give. Helping families during the holidays is very needed and especially with the downturn in the economy and the possibility that Congress might not continue unemployment benefits.

I have had lean times in my life and I remember when someone helped me and giving back is what makes your life richer.

Call your local Food Bank and find out what they need. They have lists of food items you can buy at a store and bring, or they may ask just for money to help buy those items.

Whatever you do, I urge you to not forget that some families will not have enough food to make it until the end of the month, but you can make a difference.

If we each reach out to a local Food Bank, we will find more joy and prosperity coming back to us from life.


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