On Writing (via Gene Doucette)

For my writing friends, I think you will enjoy this post by author, Gene Doucette. He explains it so well. On the same token, if you write screenplays, then you are a Screenwriter. It doesn’t matter if you have not sold one or had it produced, if you write and complete one or more, you are a Screenwriter. I learned this at a Screenwriting meeting over 10 years ago in Glendale, CA. If you think you are, you are. Seems simple but sometimes, we doubt ourselves.

On Writing What is a writer? I have been known to spend some time in the occasional Twitter chat with other writers to discuss/debate one subject or another, and about half the time I come out of those chats with a mild concussion from slapping my head on my desk. Why?  Because writers are generally pretty smart people, and smart people can sometimes talk themselves into stupid things.  Like, for instance, what makes one a writer and when it's okay to call … Read More

via Gene Doucette


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  1. Gayle Fegles says:

    Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but i think you offer something different. Keep it like this.

    1. Thank you Gayle, I will be sharing personal stories and the best that I find.

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