Keeping Friendship & Amish Friendship Bread Alive

Several months ago, I was given a starter for Amish Friendship Bread by a friend.  The starter is an active starter, and you must “mush the bag”

Our lasting friendship

daily and on the sixth day, you add three ingredients.

On the 10th Day, you add the same three ingredients: milk, sugar and flour and separate out starters for your friends.  Then you follow the recipe to make the wonderful Amish Friendship Bread.

Recently I took a loaf to my Women’s National Book Association Board Meeting in Los Angeles.  One of my Board Members said the bread is exactly like friendship, ” You must tend the starter daily by “mushing the bag “, just like you should pay attention to your friends!”

She was exactly right.  You must “mush the bag” on your starter daily, to keep it active, and you must watch it so it doesn’t bubble out of the plastic Zip-lock bag and onto a surface. Standing it up in a tall pot will prevent this from happening, but you will need to open the bag and release the air bubbles.

What happens if your friendship bubbles out and spills?  You may have forgotten to nurture it daily so that didn’t happen?

Sometimes in life, we need to be reminded to nurture our friendships and to stay in touch.  With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will be sharing my Amish Friendship Bread with friends and neighbors so they can make their own from my starter.

When each one makes the Bread, they will remember who gave them the starter, and treasure our friendship and nurture it as often as possible.

Oh, if you don’t “mush the bag” your starter will not stay active, and you will need to find more.  Isn’t this just like friendship?

If you let your friendship stale, then you will need to find more friends and isn’t it more fun keeping the ones you have and adding to them?

Yes, for those of you who read my post on friendship and writing, I did take two starters to Elizabeth so she could make it for her family.  I also took two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread for everyone to enjoy while I was there.

Today, I’m sending another starter to a friend from high school, and maintaining another long-term friendship developed many years ago but one that needs to be nourished so it can flourish again.

Remember to call a friend and say hello this Thanksgiving and nurture your friendship so it can stay active.


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