Friendship and Writing Come Together Again

Recently I returned from a visit with a friend who I have known for over 35 years.  One of the highlights of my trip was revisiting a novel we wrote when we were in high school.

Yes when I was in high school, my friend Elizabeth and I wrote a small novel with 12 chapters and it was a Man from Uncle adventure,based on the TV series of the same name.

As we were reading it, we were very surprised by our plot twists and the intricate details that we wove together in this little novella.  But as we reviewed it, we also remembered how much fun we had writing it together and plotting it out in-between our classes.

I had not looked at the novel for over 20 years. As I was reading it,  I was amazed how we had managed to do this our Senior year in high school.  Granted we didn’t have the character  relationships developed in an adult manner,  and we can see the young girls that we were in those lines spoken by the characters.  But  now we are inspired to give it new life and change the characters with new depth and continue with our story. No it won’t be a Man From Uncle novella, but whatever it becomes, we will have fun creating it if only for our family.

Our friendship has stood the test of time. Does this mean that we are indeed meant to conquer the written word?  We each have spent a lifetime rearing our families and now we have so much more to write about as we build our friendship and our writing again.

I have spent much of my career writing in the business world and now it is time to have fun with my creative spirit and let those wonderful characters come out from my mind.


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