Casey Anthony Must Serve Probation in Florida!

HLN is reporting this afternoon, that a three judge panel has upheld Judge Strickland’s early order and Judge Melvin Perry’s interpretation that Casey Anthony must serve a year of supervised probation in Orlando, Florida. She must report by Friday.

This is not what the Casey Anthony Defense team had argued and the Florida Attorney General had argued that she should serve the probation in the case going in front of the  5th District Court of Appeal.

It is not what the Defense team had expected, but it is what many  legal experts had expected.  Although many had speculated that the Defense might win on this point, it is not what the panel ordered.

Time will one tell what happens, but it is now clear, Casey Anthony will be coming back to Florida soon.

Casey Anthony’s Car Smashed in Junk Yard!

Casey Anthony’s white Pontiac Sunbird has been flattened according to a news report in  The car was destroyed nearly 7 weeks after her acquittal.   The Sunbird belonged to George & Cindy Anthony and was the focus of the murder trial of Casey Anthony in which the prosecution claimed she put her daughter’s body in to the trunk and left it for several days.

The stench of human decomposition was noted by Tow Truck Driver and by George Anthony when the car had been picked up after Casey abandoned it outside of a store in Florida.

The car is now flat and is gone from the Anthony’s lives and the site of anyone related to the case.  With the trial and the smell, I doubt that the Anthony’s wanted anything else to do with the car.  Just like their daughter who they have said is not to come back to their home according to their attorney.

The Defense claimed that the State of Florida used “junk science” when they were trying to prove that Caylee had been in the trunk.  I know that DNA was once considered “junk science” as well, now it is freeing people from prison, because of its reliability.  My thoughts are that some of the evidence had never been tested in a court of law, and even though there were good experts, the Jury didn’t believe it.

This happened when the first DNA evidence was introduced as well, it was difficult for a Jury to grasp the concept and now it is accepted and not argue able.  This case will go down in history, but I do hope that some of the “junk science” is proven in other courts, because the smell and the hair found of little Caylee in the trunk had me convinced.

The evidence in the Casey Anthony Car is now gone, and it is flat in a junk yard, just like the prosecution’s case fell with the jury, flat.  Many of us still want justice for Caylee, but we may never see that in this life.  It is now in the hands of someone greater than any of us.

Casey Anthony Must Serve Probation in Florida, Be Back By August 26th!!

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Justice is served Ms. Anthony, you will do your Probation just like any other Con!!!. Judge Perry has served you the order and you must report for your probation on August 26th in Florida.  The Probation Department must keep up confidential records on her whereabouts, but no special treatment.

Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has won his place in the hearts of many Americans when he issued that order today.  The most hated woman in America must serve probation for her check fraud case which she did against her best friend in 2008.  Had her family pressed charges against her, it would have been for more money I’m sure, but no, Cindy continued to enable her bad behavior, not realizing it would cost her Caylee.

I’m thrilled that Judge Perry has stayed the course of what probation stands for which is have a convict monitored to make sure they can exist in normal society and not mess up.  How many of us believe that Casey can not mess up??

I know that unless she gets treatment, she will be right back in jail for her lying and cheating behavior.  I do not expect a liar to change her stripes, but maybe she will quite stealing from others.

Yes, Jose Baez was not innocent when he didn’t alert the court to the error and Judge Perry told him that he should he realize he did not honor the justice system.  I don’t think Jose knows what that means, your honor.

It may not be justice for Caylee, but it will be some form of monitoring for Casey.

Casey Anthony Photos May Be Authentic From Ohio, Attorneys Back in Court on Friday!

CNN is reporting the photos that appeared over a week ago online from TMZ of a woman appearing to be Casey Anthony Anthony in Ohio may actually be her. .

She has relatives in Ohio; she went up there to hide out.  She will be moving because TMZ has found her.

Her attorneys will be back in court on Friday to fight the order to bring her back to Florida to serve a probation sentence upon her release.

Judge Perry was given this “hot potato” when the judge in the original check fraud case recused himself and stepped down. Judge Perry wanted more time to study this case.  Most cases ask the person to serve probation after they get of jail to see if they can merge back into society and stay away from trouble.  Maintain a job, support themselves and not do the same type of behavior that got them into trouble.

Serving probation in jail, is hardly testing them on any of the above elements.  These are the problems that Judge Perry is trying to discover when he asked for more time and set another hearing for this Friday.

Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida By Judge!

Casey Anthony ordered back to Florida by a judge to serve a year of probation based on her check fraud case that she plead guilty to against her friend Amy Huizenga.   There may have been a Court Clerk mistake, or a judge order that wasn’t followed or Jose may have not entered the right document, but Jose thought that Casey’s year of probation was served while she was in jail.

The current judge on the case doesn’t read it that way, and ordered that she must be back in the state in 72 hours.  Poor Casey no more fun in the sun where ever she is.  I guess that Hustler photo shoot will have to wait, if she is considering it.

This means that she will have to work out whether she did serve the probation or if she didn’t.  Of course as the costs continue to mount from the State of Florida on the search for her daughter, and from others, this will be good, that she has to return, they can serve her with the costs while she is back in the court room.

Good news for everyone trying to track her down.  Line-up those warrants and stand in line, because when she shows up for court, hand them to her, and she is served!!!

The entire story is covered by Here is the link

California Bounty Hunter May Also File Lawsuit Against Casey Anthony

Leonard Padilla  is seeking $200,000 to pay him back for bond, expenses during the 2008 search for Caylee Anthony only he is claiming that both Casey Anthony and Jose Baez mislead him during the search and bond that he extended for Casey.

All I can say is Leonard Padilla is going to have to get in line, because Casey Anthony filed a statement in Florida saying she was penniless and left the jail with $500. to her name from her jail account.  She is living somewhere in seclusion from the “kindness of volunteers” according to her attorneys.

“Not only did he mislead us, they conned us. And, he did a good job,” Padilla said to KCRA in Sacramento

Padilla said Anthony’s attorney accepted an offer by Padilla to fly to Florida and to search for Casey Anthony’s daughter in 2008. He contends that both Anthony and her attorney knew at that time that Caylee was dead.

“Jose Baez said during the trial’s opening statement and in his closing that they knew all along she was never lost,” said Padilla.

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Could Caylee Anthony Be Giving Us Signs From Heaven??

If you believe in signs from heaven, then you just may believe in some of the strange signs like lighting striking the tree close to where this precious child’s remains were found the day  the verdict of not guilty for her mother, Casey Anthony was pronounced.  It was like the heavens struck down and hit the tree to remind everyone that this case was about a little girl who died.

This weekend as Casey Anthony was preparing for her “Perp Walk” out of jail, a mother who prepared a sign of protest showed one of the HLN show commentators a poster she made.  It had a picture of Caylee on it and across her face where the “duct tape” may have been placed were red marks as if irritated by tape.  The mother who made the sign said she did not put any glue on that area of the poster behind Caylee’s picture.  She felt it was a sign from God.  This weekend was exactly 3 years from the day of Caylee’s last being seen alive.

Whether it was a sign or not, these occurences are very much remainders that this case is about a precious little girl, who may have more power than any of us realize.  I was raised Catholic and I remember reading many of the stories about saints when I was a girl.  Little Caylee may continue to show us these signs but if she starts healing people, then she could become a saint.

I know it appears out-there to many of my readers who may not believe in this sort of thing, but it may be something we should be watching for as this precious little girl’s spirit continues to shine into our world.

No Change in Casey Anthony Behavior After Daughter Goes Missing??

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Yesterday, many of Casey Anthony‘s friends and former boyfriends testified in court that they saw no change in her behavior during the month that Caylee was missing.  Considering the new Defense theory that Caylee drowned how could a “loving mother” go on with her life as if nothing had happened?

This is the crux of the problem for the Defense.  They would have us believe that just because Casey was “molested” she had no feelings for her daughter even after she was “dead”?  No rational person who loses someone they love is not going to have a grieving process and show some sort of loss if a child dies.  Many people have been molested and continue on with their lives and have relationships with their children and experience loss and grief.

To say that she was taught to “carry on in spite of the pain” doesn’t cut it when it comes to normal feelings for the  loss of a child.  To hear her friends and her former boyfriends say that Casey told them Caylee was with a nanny at Universal Studios and that she was paying her $400 a week, when she had no job should have brought up questions in their minds.

These were Casey’s lies to herself and to everyone else.  An habitual liar soon believes what he or she  says and can pass polygraph tests because to the person, it is not a lie, it is the truth. Of course in Psychological fields they have another name for these people, but I will wait to hear this stated in court by the ones who have administered those tests to see if I’m correct.

How does a young woman with no job pay a nanny?  Why does a young woman with no job need a nanny?  These questions just haunt me when it comes to her friends.  If I had a friend who suddenly didn’t have her daughter with her, I would be very concerned, and want to know the truth about the child’s welfare.  But perhaps I belong to another era in life where people actually cared about children.

When I grew up, everyone on my street knew if we got in trouble and they would tell our parents.  Now people just watch teenagers sitting on the curb smoking and don’t tell the parents.  Even though teens are not allowed to even buy cigarettes until the age of 18 or 21 in certain states, people sit back and watch and don’t get involved.  Maybe if Casey Anthony’s “friends and boyfriends” became more involved in what happened to that precious little girl, we would still have her with us.

Once again, I don’t believe that someone can lose a child who they truly love and go out and party every night for 30 days and not show any grief.  Now if that person has no feelings or remorse for anyone except themselves, then this can happen.  In court, Casey has only cried for herself when the murder charges are read against her.  She has only cried for herself that she is in jail.  She would sit in jail and lie to her parents that Casey was going to come home as if it was rolling off her back, when she knew the child was dead.

The defense would have us believe that the 911 call was a made-up lie to cover-up the drowning.  That these two loving grandparents allowed their precious grandchild to be tossed into the woods in a trash sack.  I’m not buying it.  This is the furthest stretch of the imagination for any of us.

Casey Anthony Jurors May Smell Death From Trunk of Her Car

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HLN’s Nancy Grace has been reporting that Casey Anthony Jurors may have to smell air taken from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s trunk, “the smell of death”.  Remember when her mother Cindy called 911 and reported she had found her daughter’s car and “it smelled like a dead body had been in it”.

Technology has advanced to the extent that the scientists tested the air captured in that trunk and it tested for human decomposition. It also may have had chloroform in it which may have been used to drug Caylee  to knock her out so her mother could party. 

I can’t imagine sitting on a jury and having to smell death that could have been this beautiful little girl.  I think it would make me have nightmares.  I hope the State Prosecutors do not make the jurors have to smell that odor so that it haunts them for the rest of their lives.

Finding jurors is hard enough due to the poor pay and the inconvenience to jobs and parking and now to inflict emotional damage as well to ordinary citizens who might need psychological help from serving on a jury, I think this is going to far.

I have smelled dead animals in the woods when my family used to go camping when I was growing up and it is not a pleasant smell.  You know something has died.  You don’t want to imagine it to be a beautiful little girl.

Casey Anthony Defense is to Blame Family

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Yesterday during juror selection the defense for Casey Anthony let it slip to prospective jurors that they might have to decide if abuse had anything to do with someone’s actions in this case?  Oh right! 

Casey Anthony writes a letter last year that her brother and her father had molested her and that is now the reason she killed her daughter?

Give me a break, that is not going to win any breaks for killing an innocent 2-year-old child.  The child did not do anything to this mother.  The Grandmother, Cindy had offered many times to have the little girl live with her, and for Casey to live somewhere else.  But no, Casey had to do something to hurt the family like steal from her grandfather and her mother and her friends.

Casey is not to be believed and now she is making up this terrible lie about her father and brother who stood by her to cast doubt on someone else and save her own skin.  She is just full of it.  In Texas they call this “Bull Shit”.

Casey never told the truth in her entire life and now the defense is taking this terrible letter and using it to hurt the father and brother as their only defense strategy?  They should have taken a plea deal at the beginning of this case and saved the tax payers of the state of Florida time and money.  Casey Anthony is not the brightest bulb when it comes to thinking up ideas and neither is her attorney. 

The jury is going to see right through this stupid defense strategy and convict Casey but not before it destroys her father and her brother for accusations that are baseless.