Casey Anthony Parents Break Silence, Appear on Dr. Phil Today

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After months of silence, Casey Anthony’s parents will be on the Dr. Phil show today and tomorrow discussing their feelings about their daughter, Casey, and their granddaughter, Caylee .  Many have wondered if they will tell the truth or just fabricate more lies like what Cindy told in court.

Last night Dr. Phil was on several of the HLN shows, Joy Behar, and Nany Grace and he states  that he feels the parents were telling him the truth on many of the questions he posed to them.  Of course many of us do not believe that Cindy can tell the difference between the truth and what she wants to be the truth.  She has made her world what she wants it to be and George has accepted it for what it is, and that’s that.

It will be interesting to see what the parents say to Dr. Phil over the next two days and what is reveled if anything about the case.  They don’t have to lie about anything now.  The case is over, Casey just has to pay back the state of Florida and many others for the investigation costs, she is still the most hated woman in the country, even if Cindy wants to blame it on seizures. Casey still had a hand in the death of the their  granddaughter, and she buried her in the swamp.

They will have to live with that knowledge for the rest of their lives.  I would have a hard time living with that knowledge myself and yes, perhaps we all might want to create a fantasy world as to why Casey did it.  We are not in their shoes, and aren’t we glad that we have not had to walk a mile in their shoes these past three years.

Casey Anthony Must Serve Probation in Florida!

HLN is reporting this afternoon, that a three judge panel has upheld Judge Strickland’s early order and Judge Melvin Perry’s interpretation that Casey Anthony must serve a year of supervised probation in Orlando, Florida. She must report by Friday.

This is not what the Casey Anthony Defense team had argued and the Florida Attorney General had argued that she should serve the probation in the case going in front of the  5th District Court of Appeal.

It is not what the Defense team had expected, but it is what many  legal experts had expected.  Although many had speculated that the Defense might win on this point, it is not what the panel ordered.

Time will one tell what happens, but it is now clear, Casey Anthony will be coming back to Florida soon.

Casey Anthony’s Car Smashed in Junk Yard!

Casey Anthony’s white Pontiac Sunbird has been flattened according to a news report in  The car was destroyed nearly 7 weeks after her acquittal.   The Sunbird belonged to George & Cindy Anthony and was the focus of the murder trial of Casey Anthony in which the prosecution claimed she put her daughter’s body in to the trunk and left it for several days.

The stench of human decomposition was noted by Tow Truck Driver and by George Anthony when the car had been picked up after Casey abandoned it outside of a store in Florida.

The car is now flat and is gone from the Anthony’s lives and the site of anyone related to the case.  With the trial and the smell, I doubt that the Anthony’s wanted anything else to do with the car.  Just like their daughter who they have said is not to come back to their home according to their attorney.

The Defense claimed that the State of Florida used “junk science” when they were trying to prove that Caylee had been in the trunk.  I know that DNA was once considered “junk science” as well, now it is freeing people from prison, because of its reliability.  My thoughts are that some of the evidence had never been tested in a court of law, and even though there were good experts, the Jury didn’t believe it.

This happened when the first DNA evidence was introduced as well, it was difficult for a Jury to grasp the concept and now it is accepted and not argue able.  This case will go down in history, but I do hope that some of the “junk science” is proven in other courts, because the smell and the hair found of little Caylee in the trunk had me convinced.

The evidence in the Casey Anthony Car is now gone, and it is flat in a junk yard, just like the prosecution’s case fell with the jury, flat.  Many of us still want justice for Caylee, but we may never see that in this life.  It is now in the hands of someone greater than any of us.

Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida By Judge!

Casey Anthony ordered back to Florida by a judge to serve a year of probation based on her check fraud case that she plead guilty to against her friend Amy Huizenga.   There may have been a Court Clerk mistake, or a judge order that wasn’t followed or Jose may have not entered the right document, but Jose thought that Casey’s year of probation was served while she was in jail.

The current judge on the case doesn’t read it that way, and ordered that she must be back in the state in 72 hours.  Poor Casey no more fun in the sun where ever she is.  I guess that Hustler photo shoot will have to wait, if she is considering it.

This means that she will have to work out whether she did serve the probation or if she didn’t.  Of course as the costs continue to mount from the State of Florida on the search for her daughter, and from others, this will be good, that she has to return, they can serve her with the costs while she is back in the court room.

Good news for everyone trying to track her down.  Line-up those warrants and stand in line, because when she shows up for court, hand them to her, and she is served!!!

The entire story is covered by Here is the link

Casey Anthony Wants $1.5 Million for First Interview- May Go To Australia??

If you haven’t heard, according to HLN, Casey Anthony now wants 1.5 million for her first interview.  Her parents just turned down $250. thousand.  Blood money on the death of precious little girl.

Shame on all of you networks who are offering this much money.  Let the Anthony’s go without your .  Let Casey go to Australia, and without your money.  You are setting her up to have off shore accounts so she won’t have to pay the state of Florida for what they spent looking for her daughter, and for the woman who is suing her for ruining her reputation by blaming her for stealing her daughter.

Do not help Casey to steal from the taxpayers of Florida and not pay for what she took.  Do not help Casey and Jose Baez to mistreat everyone by offering them lots of money.  For taking the life of her daughter, she is collecting money for an interview she will just lie throughout.

Casey Anthony is never going to tell anyone the truth, why would anyone offer her money thinking she will ????

Could Caylee Anthony Be Giving Us Signs From Heaven??

If you believe in signs from heaven, then you just may believe in some of the strange signs like lighting striking the tree close to where this precious child’s remains were found the day  the verdict of not guilty for her mother, Casey Anthony was pronounced.  It was like the heavens struck down and hit the tree to remind everyone that this case was about a little girl who died.

This weekend as Casey Anthony was preparing for her “Perp Walk” out of jail, a mother who prepared a sign of protest showed one of the HLN show commentators a poster she made.  It had a picture of Caylee on it and across her face where the “duct tape” may have been placed were red marks as if irritated by tape.  The mother who made the sign said she did not put any glue on that area of the poster behind Caylee’s picture.  She felt it was a sign from God.  This weekend was exactly 3 years from the day of Caylee’s last being seen alive.

Whether it was a sign or not, these occurences are very much remainders that this case is about a precious little girl, who may have more power than any of us realize.  I was raised Catholic and I remember reading many of the stories about saints when I was a girl.  Little Caylee may continue to show us these signs but if she starts healing people, then she could become a saint.

I know it appears out-there to many of my readers who may not believe in this sort of thing, but it may be something we should be watching for as this precious little girl’s spirit continues to shine into our world.

Hollywood Not In a Rush To Make Casey Anthony Movie, But Her Jail House Video Showing Her Reaction to Caylee Remains Might Be Released!

August 9 2005---June 16 2008

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Those of us who live in Los Angeles and have friends in the business know that there are always producers running after the latest story and buying the movie rights.  People are not running after the Casey Anthony story because the reality is that Casey Anthony and the recent verdict has brought such outrage in the country that no one wants to touch this hot potato.

Perhaps after a cooling off period someone might want to look at this but with a perspective of how could this happen, what steps have been taken to keep it from happening again, AKA, Caylee’s Law enacted, and giving this whole story a more complete look.

The so-called experts who follow movies made from real life, would rather concentrate on the miner story from South America last year that was such a heart-warming story.  The Scott Peterson Story may be made soon according to reports from Lifetime, but even that story has a few years under its belt, and Peterson was found guilty and is sitting on death row.

When a small child loses her life without a known cause of death and has a partying mom who doesn’t shed a tear during the 31 days of her daughter missing, yes there is interest, but without Casey  being found guilty, people feel like Caylee’s perpetrator was not caught!

A Orlando news station has a  request for the release  for the jail house video of Casey’s reaction when it was announced that Caylee’s remains were found in December 2008.  According to ABC News, Orlando television station WKMG-TV Local 6 filed the request to unseal the video last week on July 6 just before the verdict came down. The station argued in its filing that “Now that the trial has started and the jury is sequestered, no prejudice to the defendant’s right to a fair trial could incur.

We will see if this is unsealed and what it might reveal.

Here is the link to the new Caylee Song  It will take to you to a page and you can click on a link. Just discovered this and want to share it with you.  It puts the spotlight on Caylee where it should be:

16 States Introduce Caylee’s Laws

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that 16 states have introduced Caylee Laws against parents or caretakers who fail to report their children as missing.  The law would make it a felony for parents who fail to report their children as missing.   Over 700,000 signatures have been collected in an on-line petition since the Casey Anthony verdict.

This is an amazing outpouring of support from the American people to show their outrage over the jury’ verdict allowing Casey Anthony to walk over the charges brought against her.  Had there been a Caylee Law making it a felony for not reporting her daughter as missing Casey could have been found guilty.  Her partying lifestyle during those 31 days could have bought her jail time.

Caylee Law’s are the positive way of pouring anger into something good to protect children from parents like Casey who showed no regard for her daughter’s well-being.

Casey Anthony Shuns Her Mother in Jail House Visit, Her Life May Resemble Amy Fisher’s

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Casey Anthony refuses to allow her mother in for a jail house visit last week.  Even after her mother perjured her testimony to save Casey by lying on the stand for her about the computer searches.  Casey is in control and is cold, cold to her family.  Anyone who thought she was going home, can guess again.

Dr. Lillian Glass has her own take on this in her blog.

The most interesting aspect of Casey Anthony in my opinion is the parallel to Amy Fisher, the teenager who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco , several years ago when she was 17 and served time in jail.

I was watching Celebrity Rehab last night and Amy Fisher was on it and she was doing Adult Films because that is the only job she can get, because people will not let her forget what she did to Mary Jo. Now I do not believe that Amy Fisher is anything like Casey, she  was heavily influenced by Joey and has written a book showing her part in what she did and asking forgiveness.

I believe Casey’s life will be the same, no one will let her forget what we believe she did to Caylee. Even though Casey was not convicted she will carry the burden of the “guilt” of the crime.  I would not hire her, because she lies.  No one can trust a thing this woman says.  Who would want to hire her?

Casey life will be like Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

She will be in court for years from the cost of the searches for Caylee and she will have to keep attorney’s to fight these.  Will Jose continue to represent her?  Why would he?  She will need money so yes, getting money for interviews is going to be on her list of needs, but who will pay for these?

Dr. Glass’s column points out a few and yes maybe she is right.  Good Literary agents do not feel a good publishing house will offer her a book, after the OJ debacle. Even though Casey says that she would tell the “truth” in a book, would it be??

Casey may come to LA and think she is going to accepted, but she is going to be on the outs here as well, because this town doesn’t like people who abuse children or women.  They make a movie of her crime, but they don’t need her to do it, because most of the material is in the public spectrum with newspapers and television news.  No one will need anything from her or have to pay her a cent.

She will be shunned where ever Casey goes, and maybe she can be hired in an adult club where patrons can’t see her or realize who she is, but I don’t see her working in the public where people can recognize her.

Casey Anthony may have won her freedom from jail, but I don’t think her freedom will be anything like what she imagines it to be.

Casey Anthony Could Go Free Next Week! Facing Lawsuits & Anger!

August 9 2005---June 16 2008
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Casey Anthony stood in front of Judge Perry again today ready to hear the sentence and it was 4 years concurrently for the 4 charges of lying to police officers in the search for her daughter.  She gets credit for time served and that means she could go free next week by July 13, according to some experts.

She may be free from jail, but not free from law suits as the Texas Equisearch ponders a $100,000 lawsuit against her for recouping the costs they put out for the search for her “lost” daughter.  Cindy Anthony called them to come and help search for Caylee.  The Orange County law enforcement is considering a lawsuit for the same thing for recouping their costs for the search for her”missing” daughter.  Jose Baez opened a can of worms when he said in the opening statement that Caylee was never lost, she drowned.  Casey knew where she was all along.  Casey also owes the IRS $68,000 dollars, from 2008.  Must be from the photo rights she sold on pictures of Caylee to TV stations.  She didn’t pay any taxes, now the IRS wants their share.

Okay, Casey, pay up! Oh and let’s not forget the poor woman you defamed Zanny the Nanny!  She has another lawsuit against you.

I follow a very well-known literary agent on twitter an on the Huffington Post, and yesterday he wrote that Casey Anthony will not be offered anything for a book deal.  Why?  Because America hates Casey.  No one wants to buy a book written by a liar about killing a precious little girl.

Justice for Caylee!! Those are the words being echoed across America and no one wants Casey to make any money off from her death. A new law was entered in Florida and in Oklahoma making it a crime for a parent or a caregiver to not know where their child is for any length of time.  They are calling it the Caylee’s Law! If Florida had such a law, Casey would have been convicted  of a Felony of Child Abuse for Neglect not knowing where her child was for 31 days.

Turning Anger into Positive is what we all need to do for Caylee’s memory.  Let’s pass Caylee’s Law across the country and make sure no parent ever gets away with abandonment again.