Conrad Murray Trail Takes Up the Airwaves At Night!

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If you were out of the country the last few days, then you may not be aware that the Conrad Murray trial has begun in Los Angeles about the death of Michael Jackson and if he was negligent in  causing Michael’s  death.

Each night here in Los Angeles and during the day, the television news stations are there from sun-up until close of court each day.  If you thought the Casey Anthony trial was big, then you haven’t seen how big this trial is.

Nightly, we hear what the highlights were in court, and the sadness of his children seeing their father dying (dead) on his bed in his bedroom in their home. ( I say dying or dead because that is the bone of contention by some of the witnesses scheduled today, the paramedics will take the stand)

Yesterday, we learned from the body-guard, that Dr. Murray was doing CPR with one hand and giving orders with the other.  Most of us who have taken CPR courses know that you always use both hands, and you have the patient on a flat hard-surfaced, not a bed, but Dr. Murray was giving CPR on a bed.

Just hearing  that the doctor was giving CPR on the bed, made me question whether this cardiologist knew what he was doing giving CPR to Michael Jackson.  Most of my doctors, I would hope know how to administer CPR and if they don’t then I do not feel they are good doctors.

In a life-saving profession like medicine, it is required to have CPR training routinely, but yet after the testimony yesterday, it seems that Dr. Murray missed his routine training. This is mandated by several commissions that authorize hospitals to run and grant licenses.

Having to work during the day, I can only see the tweets from the local news crew, and it is frightening to see some of what is  coming out each day.  The bodyguard said yesterday, that Dr. Murray wanted help in putting the medical bottles away in a bag.  He didn’t want the Ambulance staff to see these in the room. (Makes you wonder what he was doing? Was he taking care of Michael or himself?)

This trial is for the greatest singer our generation has known in the music business and most of us grew up with Michael and the family on television.  We felt like we lost a member of the family when he died.  I do not know how much of what Michael Jackson did or how his own drug use contributed to his death, but I’m sure that will come out in the next few weeks.

My sympathy is for his family that they must hear some of these terrible things that the doctor did or didn’t do.  His children will always remember that day no matter what they do for the rest of their life.  May there be some peace for them when this trial is over.

The Role of Nurses in Natural Disasters & Pandemics Reviewed

Oklahoma City

Image via Wikipedia- OKC Memorial

This morning, I want you to take a moment and check out this link about how nurses deal with the sick and injured in time of crisis.

As someone who was in Oklahoma City when the we had the bombing, nurses and doctors risked their lives to rush to the bombing site and treat victims.

No one stopped and thought about their benefits or whether their union would want them to rush there, they did it.  I don’t think that was on anyone’s mind.

The above article talks about a new movie dealing with a pandemic and how it states there were no nurses because they were on strike.

This does happen in the state of California and it happened just a few weeks ago, but for only 3 days and many of the facilities knew ahead of time and had replacements to cover for the short time period.

It is very much like Hollywood to paint everyone with a broad brush and I am sorry they did so in this movie, Contagion.  Every nurse I have ever met has been dedicated and committed to the care of their patient, and this does get overlooked in Hollywood.

Don;t believe everything in the movies, it is after only a movie!


Watching Toddlers & Tiaras, These Moms Need To Be Watched by Child Protective!

Last night, my adult daughter and I were watching the Toddlers & Tiaras show and we could not believe this one mother who was convincing herself that her daughter had an alter ego, called Darla, who came on stage and took over for her daughter, whose name was Carla.

I was astounded at this mother who dyed her daughter’s hair while Carla is saying she wants it brown, and the mother is not listening.  The mother is continuing to push this child into doing pageants when this child doesn’t want to do them, she wants to stop, but the mother is ignoring her daughter, Carla and just pushing past any of her requests.

The most frightening part was this little girl, was actually exhibiting signs of a dual personality, not an alter ego, when the little girl says, “Carla is in the car, Darla is here” The mother just continues to allow this behavior and encourages it, instead of noticing that her daughter doesn’t want to do pageants, and she is escaping with this other personality.

I almost wish Dr. Phil had watched this program so he could see it or Dr. Drew, because it was appalling that this mother is completely ignoring her daughter’s personality and making her into another image like the mother.  You even here the mother say that during the program.

The Mom whose daughter paraded like Pretty Woman has decided to take a break from the show and give her daughter some time to be a little girl.  I was so glad to hear that, because these children are being pushed to be something they are not, and that is a model of a doll and not a little girl.

George & Cindy Anthony Back on Dr. Phil, Part 3,Today!

Well the saga continues and it will be interesting to see what is revealed today, from George on Dr. Phil’s Show today, part 3.  I must admit, that I have not been that surprised by George’s view on Casey.   His law enforcement background and the way he talked to the police, I knew he had made up his mind about Casey’s guilt.

We may not ever know how Caylee died, but like George, she was in Casey’s care, so she is responsible.  Even though Cindy doesn’t agree with that interpretation, I think George is right.

Dr. Phil is not sparing any punches when it comes to Cindy.  He is trying to wake her up to the reality of the situation, and she just keeps drifting back to her own reality, very similar to her daughter, if you ask me.

Cindy has her views on what happened to her granddaughter, and to Casey and it is not anything close to how George sees it.  With this large of a question between them, it will be surprising if they can stay together through all of this going back and forth over how Caylee died.

Cindy feels that God let Casey go free, it wasn’t God, Cindy it was 12 jurors who didn’t do a very good job of interpreting the evidence in my opinion.  I still feel that the lightning strike on the tree where Caylee was found was a sign that God was not happy with the verdict.

Of course it is over, and we must all move on, and that is what George is trying to do, I think he is actually wanting Dr. Phil’s help in this matter.  I really hope that Dr. Phil can give George and Cindy something to help them through this terrible nightmare created by their daughter, Casey.

Dr. Phil Interview Continues Today With George & Cindy Anthony

Yes, I watched yesterday, and I must admit, Cindy did try to excuse Casey’s behavior away with three different reasons, all of which Dr. Phil showed her that none of which could be the cause of her actions.  Cindy did point out that Casey had a Grand Mal seizure  twice and even though she had been worked up in a hospital setting for 3 days, they did not find a cause for the seizure.

The second reason was Post Postpartum Schizophrenia, I know Cindy is a nurse, but she is not a mental health nurse and I think she made this one up, to try to get sympathy for Casey or some reason in her mind to explain her daughter’s behavior.

Finally Cindy hinted that maybe her daughter might have a brain tumor.  The hospital when they did their work-up for the seizures did many tests and they did not find a brain tumor, and I do not think a brain tumor exists.

What I think that Cindy and George are going to have to face is that Casey is a psychopathic liar and she has no remorse for what she did and only has feeling for herself.  It will be interesting to see that George appears to have already pieced some of the facts together, but he seems to be keeping them to himself.

He may be wanting Dr. Phil to move into these directions to help convince Cindy because George may not be able to lead Cindy there himself.  I hope that these two do find some peace when this is done, they have had their own place in hell so far.

Casey Anthony Parents Break Silence, Appear on Dr. Phil Today

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After months of silence, Casey Anthony’s parents will be on the Dr. Phil show today and tomorrow discussing their feelings about their daughter, Casey, and their granddaughter, Caylee .  Many have wondered if they will tell the truth or just fabricate more lies like what Cindy told in court.

Last night Dr. Phil was on several of the HLN shows, Joy Behar, and Nany Grace and he states  that he feels the parents were telling him the truth on many of the questions he posed to them.  Of course many of us do not believe that Cindy can tell the difference between the truth and what she wants to be the truth.  She has made her world what she wants it to be and George has accepted it for what it is, and that’s that.

It will be interesting to see what the parents say to Dr. Phil over the next two days and what is reveled if anything about the case.  They don’t have to lie about anything now.  The case is over, Casey just has to pay back the state of Florida and many others for the investigation costs, she is still the most hated woman in the country, even if Cindy wants to blame it on seizures. Casey still had a hand in the death of the their  granddaughter, and she buried her in the swamp.

They will have to live with that knowledge for the rest of their lives.  I would have a hard time living with that knowledge myself and yes, perhaps we all might want to create a fantasy world as to why Casey did it.  We are not in their shoes, and aren’t we glad that we have not had to walk a mile in their shoes these past three years.

A Hero From My Home Town: Bob Kalsu: Former Buffalo Bill &Vietnam Hero!

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Many of you will remember when I wrote about my home town of Del City, Oklahoma a few weeks ago and how we were playing the Remember When thread on Facebook.   One of our hometown heroes was Bob Kalsu, who I grew up with in my church, and  in my community of Del City, Ok.

I have attached a link to Sports Illustrated that is the story of  the first hero from the Vietnam War who also played in the NFL.

Many of us remember Bob and his kind spirit and we named the Del City High School Stadium after him.  He will always be a hero for many of us in Del City.

Toddler Dresses Like Pretty Woman In Pageant – Yes At 3 Years of Age!!

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Not sure what this mother was thinking when she dressed her daughter as a prostitute at the age of three but I can think of a better profession to dress up her daughter!

Perhaps this mother wasn’t thinking at all, or else she thought that Julia Roberts was the better role model, not the actual performance she was giving in the Pretty Woman, whatever it was, having a little girl who is three walk out there as a prostitute is beyond crazy.

I’ve heard these parents who are involved in pageants are a little out-there, but after seeing this, I would say they need someone to watch out for their children.  We have watched some strange parenting issues in this blog, but this one takes the cake.

Dressing your child in front of people like this!  Please Let’s stop and think! Have a Reality Check with another Parent before you do this to your Child!.

Beverly Hills Housewives Airs Season Two, Should They Have Scraped It?

If you watch the Housewives show, then you know that they edited it and showed the housewives getting together and saying that none of them had a clue that Taylor’s husband, Russel Armstrong was going to take his life.

Really? This is Bravo’s sensitivity for the suicide with these women saying they didn’t have a clue?  I don’t think this group would have a clue that half of America is out of work, not to mention that many go hungry because they don’t have enough money to buy food.

This show would have done better to cancel the entire season and show respect for the children of Russell.  These society women don’t seem to understand much at all.  They only care about themselves.  I am so glad I do not take any time watching this show.

Bravo may have given itself kudos for their sensitivity, but I don’t.  Show some real truth here and scrap the whole second season. Honor Russell and his family by not bringing up his shortcoming, what good will it do?  His children and his wife would like to remember him with the good memories, not the bad ones that might be portrayed on the show.

Sugar Drinks Are Not Your Friend – Obesity Up!

Just in case you didn’t know, Obesity is on the rise in our country and the world and many experts are now saying that it could be that can of soda in your hand.

Yes, it has more sugar than you might be aware.  “Sugary drinks are the single largest source of calories in the American diet and account for half of all added sugars consumed,” according to an article entitle Money and Company in the Los Angeles Times, Consumer Confidential: Soda warning; free Chick-fil-A meals.

The American Heart Association in the same article is suggesting that Americans should only drink 3 cans of soda a week, that would be 450 calories per week just from 3 cans of soda.  I don’t know about you, but I can put those calories into something else besides soda.

What is most important is that we look at how our children are drinking these drinks because this is a major contributor to obesity which does result in type 2 diabetes.  Many schools are removing sugary drinks out of the drink containers in the school and I have noticed in Kaiser facilities in Los Angeles they have taken them out as well.

This is proactive and I think more needs to be done to keep our children safe from sugar in the diet.  Education is key to stopping the obesity epidemic.  Schools can help more with the parents and programs that teach better food preparation at home and at school will be the only way to solve this crisis.