How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Products

Are you using social media to reach new customers?


Have you tried using Instagram?

Instagram boasts 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google+. What was once a simple photo sharing app is now a key sales channel.

In this article you’ll discover how to use Instagram to gain brand recognition and reach new customers. 


Many people are not using Instagram to promote products yet. This is a good idea. One whose time has come.

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The Complete Guide to YouTube Content Marketing

Video is the future (or present) of content marketing, yet marketers seem to shun YouTube other than for viral videos. YouTube has a massive audience, it’s ideal for branding purposes and it benefits your Google SEO. This guide shows you what content you should be curating, how to get a top ranking on YouTube and how to convert that following to your own platform.


This is a good article for all of us. Video is the new content that we all should be using.

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10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics and Visualize Data – noupe

They used to say content is king. But what really makes up content? Gone are the days when “content” meant purely text. Today, if you want to engage and enchant your customers, your content must have some visual cues. The human brain processes visual information much quicker than text. And with web 2.0 visuals like infographics, you can convey complex, boring data in a meaningful manner. Although infographics make things simpler, it can be time-consuming to create them. Here is a list of my top 10 tools to create your own beautiful infographics and more visual content (no Photoshop required!).


Good information about Infographics and how to use these tools

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Recycle Plastic Bottles in This Machine, and It Will Dispense Food for Stray Dogs


This recycling bin is amazing. Great idea.

Originally posted on TIME:

In Istanbul, Turkey, where an estimated 150,000 stray dogs and cats reportedly wander the streets, a Turkish company called Pugedon believes it has come up with a way to feed the animals: “Smart Recycling Boxes,” a machine that dispenses food and water in exchange for recycled plastic bottles, Big Think reports.

The benefits of the vending machine are supposed to be two fold: encourage recycling and feed the city’s strays. Recycling is put on top and food is dispensed out the bottom within easy reach for animals in need. There’s even a water dish attached so users can pour the remaining water from a plastic bottle before recycling it. The recycled bottles are supposed to cover the cost of the food.

The problem of managing stray dogs in international cities most recently came to light during the 2014 Winter Olympics, when stray dogs roamed the street’s of the Games’…

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15 Storytelling Techniques to Transform Your Audience Today | Wakingstar

Whether it’s personal or organizational stories, the techniques to find and tell your story are similar.  Read the full article to find out more about these 15 techniques to beef up your storytelling skills:

Know the changeOwn your messageBridge itDetails, details!Surprise!Travel across timeGet thyself a story buddyFind the lessonMake visual stepping stonesSet a low bar for yourself as you beginRemember, it’s a journeyFind 5 storiesPracticeListenSet your sights on your end line[bonus] Tell it before you write it


Good insights for anyone who does Public Speaking for their business or for their company.

Accommodate Older Workers


Accommodate Older Workers may be more necessary in certain locations in the U.S. where education is lagging behind. Having older workers gives the company stability and experience that can not be found anywhere else. A few adjustments and the Company wins in many ways.

Originally posted on Cperky's Blog:

Corporate workforces are aging. Some companies have made strides to adapt, and they have seen improvements in retention and productivity, organizational culture, and the bottom line.

Don’t fall behind. Use these practices to accommodate your older workers:

  • Flexible retirement. Give employees the option of working part-time. You retain experienced, talented employees and they get a flexible schedule and a paycheck.
  • Creating new positions or adapting old ones. Retrain older employees for jobs that better suit their current needs and skills. For example, can you transition an older worker out of a physically taxing role and into a training position? Could a long-time cashier move to customer service?
  • Changing workplace ergonomics. Companies should adapt for those who need extra support. Inexpensive tweaks like custom shoes and easier-to-read computer screens can make a huge difference.

Adapted from “ Four Ways to Adapt to an Aging Workforce” by Michael North and Hal Hershfield

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