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Whether it’s personal or organizational stories, the techniques to find and tell your story are similar.  Read the full article to find out more about these 15 techniques to beef up your storytelling skills:

Know the changeOwn your messageBridge itDetails, details!Surprise!Travel across timeGet thyself a story buddyFind the lessonMake visual stepping stonesSet a low bar for yourself as you beginRemember, it’s a journeyFind 5 storiesPracticeListenSet your sights on your end line[bonus] Tell it before you write it

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Good insights for anyone who does Public Speaking for their business or for their company.

Accommodate Older Workers


Accommodate Older Workers may be more necessary in certain locations in the U.S. where education is lagging behind. Having older workers gives the company stability and experience that can not be found anywhere else. A few adjustments and the Company wins in many ways.

Originally posted on Cperky's Blog:

Corporate workforces are aging. Some companies have made strides to adapt, and they have seen improvements in retention and productivity, organizational culture, and the bottom line.

Don’t fall behind. Use these practices to accommodate your older workers:

  • Flexible retirement. Give employees the option of working part-time. You retain experienced, talented employees and they get a flexible schedule and a paycheck.
  • Creating new positions or adapting old ones. Retrain older employees for jobs that better suit their current needs and skills. For example, can you transition an older worker out of a physically taxing role and into a training position? Could a long-time cashier move to customer service?
  • Changing workplace ergonomics. Companies should adapt for those who need extra support. Inexpensive tweaks like custom shoes and easier-to-read computer screens can make a huge difference.

Adapted from “ Four Ways to Adapt to an Aging Workforce” by Michael North and Hal Hershfield

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A brief history of chicken washing


Not washing your chicken? Being careful in the Kitchen has always been essential, but now with cross contamination. we must rethink this notion about washing chicken.

Originally posted on Eatocracy:

Home cooks have been all a-cluck over recent guidance not to wash raw chicken before it’s prepared and cooked. While it may seem counterintuitive, food safety resources like the United States Department of Agriculture’s “Ask Karen” website advise:

“Washing poultry before cooking it is not recommended. Bacteria in raw meat and poultry juices can be spread to other foods, utensils, and surfaces. We call this cross-contamination.

Some consumers think they are removing bacteria and making their meat or poultry safe. However, some of the bacteria are so tightly attached that you could not remove them no matter how many times you washed. But there are other types of bacteria that can be easily washed off and splashed on the surfaces of your kitchen. Failure to clean these contaminated areas can lead to foodborne illness. Cooking (baking, broiling, boiling, and grilling) to the right temperature kills the bacteria, so washing food…

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Learn CPR for free and help break a Guinness World Record on June 3


This is going for the new World Record on June 3 in Los Angeles. If you can be a Volunteer to help. Register at http://www.cprblockparty.com and attend a short briefing prior to the event.

Originally posted on Metro's The Source:

Photo: Clyde Robinson via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: Clyde Robinson via Flickr Creative Commons

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States, but immediate and effective CPR could more than double a victim’s chance of survival. In honor of National CPR Awareness Week, EduLife Institute will be offering free hands-only CPR training on Tuesday, June 3, at the following Metro stations:

  • Union Station
  • Red Line North Hollywood Station
  • Red Line Universal City Station
  • Red Line Vermont/Sunset Station
  • Gold Line Mariachi Plaza Station

Instructors will be at the stations from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The training is intended to equip as many people as possible with the skills necessary to save lives.

To make things more interesting, however, we’re also hoping to break the Guinness World Record for most people to complete CPR training in 24 hours. So if more than 20,087 people complete training on June 3, Los Angeles will be…

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Beyond Traffic: Three Stats You Should Check Today


Good information for Blogging Pros.

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

When you hear “stats,” most bloggers think “traffic,” and that makes sense. Many of us care about the number of views our posts receive, and want to see them grow. Blogging is never solely about numbers, though — it’s about making your voice heard, fostering relationships with others, and building a sense of community.

Approaching these goals with a data-informed mindset can get you closer to achieving them. Here are three stats that can help you make smart decisions when it comes to planning your posts and finding and engaging your readers. Whether you blog from a computer, a tablet, or your phone, take a few seconds to explore these on your own blog’s Stats tab.

A quarterly review

When reviewing your stats, it’s tempting to focus on the here and now: how did I do today? How many views did yesterday’s post get overnight? Periodically, though, it’s wise to fight…

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